If your company is in a process of transformation to adapt to changes in the environment, it is essential that you ask yourself,can stress affect this process?

We live in a stressed society. Stress has become a part of our lives and we see it as a normal state of the world today. Both in the workplace and in the personal, stress takes over us.

And companies do not escape from this reality, at all levels of the organization chart, employees are affected by stress and the problem is that it is so common to feel stressed that we have become used to it.

Today, in which markets move rapidly, business transformation is vital for companies to be competitive. For Windows and doors, it is essential that they be attentive to any element that may affect the process, stress being a disturbing element of work performance that commonly goes unnoticed and that, without a doubt, slows or slows business transformation.

The management of stress in each organization should be taken into account as an important task, given the alarming levels of anxiety in the population lives in general, the amount of stimuli negative it receives from the environment and own pressures of the activities , both in the workplace and in the personal. And without a doubt, job performance has an increasingly direct relationship with the emotional and mental state of the worker. The higher the level of distress, the lower the performance and vice versa.

A business owner, executive or manager must ensure that their staff has a high level of performance, that their performance can be classified as the best, that their power to solve specific problems is fast and accurate. To do this, it must be in a position to know how to capture and understand the disturbances that may arise and that hinder the transformation of businesses.

How can the manager know about these disturbances?

Establishing direct communication with staff, worrying about what bothers them, but also about those they like, fostering communication in the team. Herein lies one of the great virtues of a good manager: it is not only knowing how to run the company but also knowing what affects its employees.

So it is not unreasonable to take into account some criteria to face the problem of the influence of stress on workers, such as:

  1. Take into account the psychological profile of employees
  2. Consider the stress levels that personnel may suffer from working conditions such as ergonomics, noise, temperature, hygiene, workload, interpersonal relationships, economic conditions
  3. Conduct periodic stress management events through team therapy
  4. Promote communication between the different levels of the organization
  5. Plan team training that includes strategies for time management, activity planning, negotiation techniques, conflict resolution, human relationship development
  6. Encourage teamwork, freedom of participation, creativity
  7. Assess leadership style and make changes if necessary

Taking a look at the above criteria, we can see that when a company becomes aware of how damaging stress can be to job performance, it must review its processes in a comprehensive way, find a way to detect and strengthen the weak points. Stress management is a process of continuous improvement for the organization as a whole, resulting in happier workers, with greater capacity for concentration and better results.

Stress management is linked to the main engine of companies: their workers. Focusing on your muscle is the best way to get the desired results and achieve the necessary business transformation.