Stress is part of human life. However, it may motivate you provided you take it positively. During these uncertain times, the number of anxiety and depression cases is high. With job losses, serious illnesses, the death of family members, and painful events, it has become a natural part of human life. Stress and anxiety can make you feel down, and you may take a back seat. However, speaking to near and dear ones regarding your feelings and taking professional help may assist you in getting back to your typical life. Medication, therapy, and counseling sessions may be a relief. Apart from this, there are distinct ways of managing stress that you have to explore.

Exercise is an antidote to anxiety.

Do you know that regular physical activity improves sleep? Yes, to get better sleep, you will have to pay attention to your workout. It works as a stress management tool and gives you a much-needed boost. If you look at your favorite stars, they will even focus on the significance of regular physical exercise. If you have insomnia, Ian Mausner says some specific workouts will help improve your sleep. In addition to this, it will sedate you, relieve your pain, and increase endorphin production in your body. These happy hormones are responsible for your happy mood and your positive thinking. You can go swimming, dancing, cycling, aerobics and running. It all depends upon what your preference is.

Diet requires crucial attention.

What you eat has a direct impact on your cognitive health. Mental health requires a healthy diet. When you go for a balanced diet, it decreases your stress level and builds your immune system. It will also take care of your mood as well as lower your blood pressure. Apart from this, it takes care of diabetes and other diseases. Try to stay away from junk food, and you will see the results within a few days. For staying healthy, you will have to be very conscious about your carbohydrate, protein, and vitamin level.

Ian Mausner says go for more eggs, meat, and nuts. Try to abstain from highly fried food as it will only add to your fat consumption. For protecting your body against chronic stresses, eat food items that are rich in antioxidants. Try selecting those food items that will give you a good source of vitamin C, magnesium, and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Sleep, sleep, sleep!

A typical side effect of anxiety and stress is the struggle to sleep. If you are enduring the same, you may have to face a difficult situation. For improving your sleep routine, you have to practice some typical exercise. Drink less caffeine and alcohol and keep yourself hydrated. Go for healthy drinks like juice and mocktail, stay away from electronic gadgets when you are in bed, try meditating, and you will see the effect.

Your health is your responsibility, says Ian Mausner. You will have to understand the significance of relaxation techniques. From yoga to meditation to deep breathing, these are some of the most popular ways which help in relaxing your nerves and getting you the best mental health.