Stress Management Tips to Manage Mental Health

Appointments, utility bills, overdue debts, family responsibilities and many other things occupy your mind. When day-to-day operations overwhelm you, it seems like there is nothing you can do about stress. Prices will never stop soaring, responsibilities will always be demanding. You will find several stressors in your life, but no way to control them.

74% of adults in the UK feel stressed that they fail to cope up with it, with 83% of young adults and 65% of senior citizens. Whereas 32% of adults experienced suicidal feelings, 16% of adults harmed themselves. Young adults are more prone to stress and suffering from impaired mental health because of high living cost and lower wages. They rely on debts for fulfilling many short-term needs and as a result they fall in a debt cycle.

Whether it is debt or something else that causes you stress, you should find out useful ways to manage it.

Identify the source of stress

There is no straightforward process to manage your stress. First off, you should identify what triggers cortisol hormone in your body. You can identify the major stressors easily such as changing jobs, moving house, divorce and the like, but tiny issues also contribute to your stress level. If you continuously thinking about a small event of your life that occurred against your wishes and plans, you will start feeling depressed. Every part of the day, they will be at the back of your mind and trigger gloomy thoughts when you are not busy. Sometimes you get stressed because of your irresponsibility. For instance, your job may not be as demanding as it seems to you. It may be due to procrastination. To identify the true cause of stress, you should monitor your habits. Find out the answer of these questions:

  • Do you find your stress temporary or you feel it like an integral part of your life?
  • Are you habitual of being stressed throughout the day?
  • Whom you blame for your stress? Are these external events or your habits?

Avoid unnecessary stress

You should not avoid a stressful situation that needs to be addressed right away, but you also do not need to be overwhelmed by trivial matters. Identify what is important and what is not important. Stop taking extra pressure when you know you will not be able to handle. You must identify your capacity and learn to say no to extra burden. If an outsider causes you stress, you do not need to be in touch with them. Analyse your schedules and drop unnecessary tasks like casual meeting with your friend if you think you are overloaded.

Do not control situations that you cannot

Some sources of stress are uncontrollable and you should accept it. You cannot have full control over every situation as serious illness and death of your loved one. In such situations, you can avoid stress by only accepting the reality. Do not overthink about those moments. Instead, you should focus on other things. If you are furious at someone because somebody has hurt you, you should let go resentment and pardon them. Negative feelings increase anxiety and stress that lead to physical and mental sufferings.

Take control of situations

More than 50% of the causes of stress are due to your irresponsibility. Try to complete all your work on time. Stop putting off work just because you are feeling sluggish. If you continue to do so, pending work will mount up and eventually you will find yourself overloaded with endless work. If poor finances and debt pressure are triggering you stress, you should find out ways to get rid of debt.

Make a repayment plan and try to pay off at lest the minimum payment if you do not have capacity to repay in full. Tell your financial condition to your lender and ask for an alternative repayment plan. You can also take advice from financial experts who will help you know a personalised repayment plan that fits your budget. They may suggest you various offers like debt consolidation loans, 0% balance transfer deals.

You can easily keep debt stress at bay if you borrow money only when you are sure about your repayment capacity. Small loans like payday loans are very expensive as you have to pay back money in one go. Therefore, you should try to take out 12 month loans for bad credit with no guarantor. These loans allow you to reimburse money in equal instalments. You should understand features of all small loans and then choose the one that you can manage to pay back.

It is paramount that you learn stress management tips to stay healthy. You should do physical exercise as it helps reduce it. Even a moderate amount of exercise can bust your stress. Do meditation to calm your mind.