Imagine this; you get up in the morning with a peaceful mind. Have breakfast, get ready, and leave for work. You are driving peacefully when suddenly someone cuts you through to get ahead; you start daydreaming about how you would get back at that guy if only you had time. You reach the office and sign in, only to find out that you are a few minutes late. You think that if only that guy had not put you off by cutting you from the side, you might have reached before time. You start working, and that guy, who annoys everyone by telling them they are late, comes to you and tells you the same. You try to relax but end up telling him to go away and do his work.

Then comes your manager, full of anger, ready to strike, and tells you the things you did wrong yesterday. You know that it was not your fault, but you cannot say anything, so you keep quiet and listen. Then you get a call from your wife reminding the things you have to buy in the evening before going home. Now you lose control and yell at her.

You are feeling angry about work, guilty about yelling at your wife and cannot make the simplest of decisions, like if you want water, juice, or coffee. You cannot decide which of your daily tasks you should do first, even when you know their urgency. You know that you cannot work like this and need to reduce your stress. If you knew about the apps that help reduce stress levels, you would not be in this situation.

Transform Your Life

First, you need to understand what stress is. It is nothing more than a feeling that comes from emotional or physical tension. You can feel stressed due to any thought or event that makes you nervous, angry, or frustrated. That is how your body reacts to a challenging situation.

Your life can transform, and you can become a completely new person with the right mindset to succeed in every aspect of life. Facing challenging situations with a positive state of mind changes the game, and you always think that you can do it. Persistence and optimism differentiate healthy people from those suffering from stress and, ultimately, depression. Do not let yourself go towards that path.

You can reduce stress by playing stress-relief games, meditating, or doing physical or breathing exercises. You can find an app with all of these features, but it is better to go for specialized apps. Let us take a look at some of these apps.

1. Personal Zen

Backed by scientific research, this app has games designed to reduce stress and develop resilience. Play the games for a few minutes to feel the difference in your mood and decisions. It relaxes your mind with simple games that help you turn towards a more positive mind frame, in which you can think straight.

The idea behind this app is that the journey is what matters, not the destination. There are lots of peaceful regions for you to explore and relax your mind. It is a brain-training exercise created using a clinically validated algorithm. It charges the batteries of your brain and gives you a fresh start.

2. SuperBetter

This stress-relieving game app brings out the hidden heroic potential in the users. It strengthens your ability to stay optimistic, motivated, and strong when facing tough challenges. It gives you the ability to prioritize the goals that matter most so you can work on them.

It follows a simple plan; challenge yourself, collect and use power-ups, battle the bad guys, complete quests, recruit allies, adopt a secret identity, and get that epic win. The developers created this app in response to the growing number of depression cases among 12 to 25 year-olds. The app gives these young individuals the necessary resources and skills to thrive in life.

3. Sanvello

This particular app helps you with breathing exercises to deescalate your level of stress. It even has a mood tracker that enables you to measure your mental state and identify the things that affect you the most. It provides self-care, peer support, coaching, and therapy sessions to stabilize your state of mind.

This app works on the principle that a person knows him or herself the best, and only they can help themselves by finding the best path depending on their current situation. It even has its community, where people share their experiences and help others cope with the situation.

4. Headspace

Think of Headspace as your gym membership for the mind. There are guided meditation classes for beginners and advanced users. The developers of this app believe that you can change your whole day with a few minutes of meditation. Research suggests that meditation helps people in sleeping better, focusing more, and reducing stress. It is one of the simplest ways to start meditating at your own pace.

People relate meditation with mysticism, but they are different. Mystical experience is more about becoming one with God. Meditation is when you focus on a particular thought or object to clear your mind and achieve a calm and stable state of mind.

5. Calm

Calm is an app that takes you on a journey to a calmer mind. It employs different ways to take you to the destination depending on your preferences. It helps you relax with a mix of bedtime stories, relaxation exercises, and meditation to help you sleep better and release stress.

The app gives you various goals to choose from for a particular day. You can choose to do objectives that would help you sleep better, improve your focus, work on self-improvement, or something a little different from the daily activities. It keeps you interested and takes you away from a set daily routine.

Final Words

Everyone has to deal with stress in their life. Simply driving a car is stressful, and that is the most basic daily activity. We all must give time to calm our thoughts because after clearing the clutter, we can think straight.