Exercise helps reduce frustration and stress, as it releases feel-good hormones. Incorporating exercise as a routine minimizes stress. With one-pointed concentration or centredness, you may feel fatigued, hence resting for a while, when your body aches can boost your energy levels.

Practice walking when you feel you have done extra hours at work, as this will keep you away from the screen freshens you with a breeze of fresh air. The fresh air helps in relaxing and reviving, offering a sense of pleasantness amidst your surroundings.

If you feel that your shoulder is aching due to continuous work, mildly massage that area, this removes the tenderness in that area relaxing your muscles, removing stiffness, increasing blood circulation.  Take a bath with aromatic oils to revive yourselves. While feeling restless and agitated about not being able to perform the activities during the day, take a break and take deep breaths to settle down racing thoughts. After the turbulence in the mind is settled, play games such as chess, and various others to obtain confidence and start working on your role. A confidence boost is required for focussing on the work.

Continuously sitting for long hours can be frustrating, take breaks and do the activities to enjoy. Sit down and relax for a while with your eyes closed. This mind body synchronization following relaxation helps enhance performance.