Managing it with ease will help you be more successful in your business, gain peace of mind, and that everything flows in a healthier way.

Stress, the evil of the 21st century

Currently, if there is an “evil” that outweighs the rest in number and consequences, that is undoubtedly stress. And is that being nervous and anxious has dire consequences for all aspects of our life, both personal, professional even, in our physical health?

The stress blocks us, we do have reactions “misplaced” and of course, points – shoot and destroy our productivity to new heights. Everything causes us stress and not knowing how to manage it, not treating it or treating it in the wrong way will surely end up destroying us. And if it touches us on the waterline and makes us stagger and maybe even fall.

And is that today, stress is the worst enemy that we all have and also, the less we pay attention to it. It seems that if it is not something that is physically manifested in a remarkable way, we ignore it. And since stress is something that threatens our “emotional” health, we already know that “little attention should be paid to it”.

Hence, stress is known as “the silent enemy.” We will only attend you when the case has already passed to the point that it has significant physical consequences. Acting in a totally irrational way and receiving the consequences (usually it is some kind of aggressiveness in the negotiations or tones of conversation with clients/suppliers that leads us to lose that commercial relationship) is what leads us to realize what is happening and find out more.

It is important not to get to that point but to realize what is happening beforehand and find a solution and a remedy. Especially because behind these attitudes there is a very high level that the next thing (if you have not already done so) that is going to cause is a disease. And that already, are major words.

What Causes Work Stress?

Actually  … Everything can cause job stress if you don’t get along. And it is that as these motivational phrases say that we are all surrounded by through networks and the internet, the important thing is not what happens, because things will always happen but how we receive them and how we manage them in the business of Locksmith near Etobicoke.

So everything that happens in our business is liable to cause us stress. Another thing is how we deal with it. There are those who even good news such as having a new important project cause’s stress for “everything that comes up” so imagine.

But if there are two things that are a source of work stress and that affect our business today, that is the volume of work and low productivity that we face every day. Let’s go point by point:

Work volume:

Wanting to do a lot of everything in a very short time is the great burden of our era. We think of ourselves as superman and superwomen and we do nothing but fill and fill our agenda with tasks and things to do. We spend the day running from one place to another, always feeling “that we are getting nowhere” and everyone’s favorite tagline is “it doesn’t give me life.”

Running a lot and then finishing nothing and ending the day literally exhausted, is everyone’s goal because in fact, if we don’t go like this, we have the feeling that we are not being productive or that we have nothing to do. And therein lies the big mistake. The day has 24 hours and work hours, 8 hours (well, this less for the self-employed although it should also be 8 hours a day). Let’s not try to shoehorn tasks at such a level that we would have to be working not 8, or 24 hours, but days without stopping or raising our heads.

We are very wrong if we think that putting on more and more “homework” is the solution and what will help us reduce our stress level. It is the opposite. Having many responsibilities and pending tasks are exactly what causes us, that stress. And above all, because it is impossible to get there.

We cannot finish (and sometimes not even start) that list that we marked at the beginning of the day or worse, the night before (at which time we are already thinking about it and that makes us not sleep worrying about “the things I have to do tomorrow – what stress).

Low productivity:

The low productivity is one of the main factors that lead us to have a lot of stress. Why? Because it causes dissatisfaction because without productivity, we do not achieve everything we had planned and because if we do not arrive, we are angry and more stressed because the next day even more things come together: what is pending and what is due.

Being unproductive is stressful, it makes us angry, lowers our level of self-esteem and we enter a super destructive loop that takes us back to the exit box: stress and lower productivity.