When you go on vacation, you plan to have all your favorite things around you. That juicy-celebrity magazine or fiction book is ready and loaded on your tablet. The cooler is packed with your preferred drink of choice and maybe even some junk food. Most importantly however, you take the time to create a stress-free environment—you shut off your phone, you stop checking your email – even the alarm clock goes silent.

When we go on vacation, we allow ourselves to be at peace. To unwind and become one with our surroundings. We allow ourselves to breathe.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that doesn’t foster this sort of energy at the workplace. When you find us back in the office, we are overstressed and overworked. And while some employers make room for good vibes, unfortunately, it’s we, the working women, who don’t make space for ourselves.

Now, I know that might sound crazy—how could anyone feel the same stress-free feelings they have at the beach while in the office? Well, I might not be able to give you unlimited vacation or change the way your office runs, but I want to give you a little feeling of vacation while you’re at work.

Being hunched over your desk, hiding behind a screen, with fluorescent light blaring in your eyes is all too familiar. I know it because I lived it too. While I was dreaming for my vacation, however, something even better happened.

I won a door prize for a feng shui consultation.

The first thing we changed was my desk. Where are you sitting, she asked?

I was facing the window. My designer was in the “power seat” facing the door and connecting with the outside world – ready to receive business. We switched desks, and I felt the difference. I felt powerful, centered, and in-control. Even better than that? I felt the difference in my design/build business almost immediately. We started gaining momentum and our growth has never stopped.

I was hooked. I became certified in Interior AlignmentⓇ, which uses feng shui principles to align a space, and I love bringing these principles to women, particularly at work. For me, it’s a way to care for yourself and position yourself for success.

With that idea in mind, why isn’t your office a haven? Why doesn’t it bring you peace of mind and clarity? Why do we wait for one week a year to be in an environment that we love when we could be in one everyday?

There are practical changes you can make to achieve alignment in your space:

The power seat

Sit so you’re facing outward – so you can see the door. This is how you welcome fresh energy to your space and receive new business and opportunities. It’s your “power position.”

Sit with a solid wall behind you if possible. This helps you feel secure and in control of your space. If you’re in a cubicle and this is not an option, put a small mirror in front of you so you can easily see what’s behind you.

The home office

Women forgo the idea of work/life balance because many of us believe in work/life integration instead. That means that even if you work in an office away from home, the chaos of home can interfere with work.

  • Stop working at the dining room table and create a space that’s just for you (preferably with a door)!

  • Cultivate inspiration by adding artwork or pictures of your favorite places

  • Set boundaries with family members (“do not disturb” signs work great)!

  • Schedule your chores – don’t let the call of the laundry pile or grocery list take you off task

  • Use your senses – use music to motivate and re-center you when you become distracted

Manage your energy through the day
You know when you’ve hit the wall or your stress is through the roof.. Realign your space to help support you during those energy dips.

  • For peace: A small bubbling fountain on your desk

  • For energy: A candle to help activate your senses

  • For focus: A desk light to offset the overhead fluorescent lighting

  • For growth: A potted plant to create clean air

When you walk into your office, you should feel energized, not overwhelmed. Some of these small changes can help create a supportive environment for success – and when your mindset shifts, everything else will too.

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  • Mina Fies

    Zen Remodeler

    Mina Fies is an award-winning designer, Zen remodeler and creator of the Renovation Roadmap™, an online program designed to help homeowners work confidently with contractors, stick to their budget and stay on schedule. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2xF1ftE