I must warn you before you keep reading this –  I am totally biased on this whole post, book, and everything about it because James F. Hamilton, IV is my 74 year-old dad. I don’t seek to promote his book in writing this.  What I hope you take away from this post is to never give up and turn any pain you have into a positive purpose if possible.

Not only has my dad just published his 385 page book at age 74, but he is also a 13-year stroke survivor, as of December 17, 2017. Our family has nicknamed him the “ICU Warrior” from all he has been through to survive and thrive.  If you knew all of the details of what he has been through, I assure you, you’d be writing this too. He just flat out isn’t supposed to be here by any medical standards.  He’s one of those miracles. 

In my opinion, our mom and dad are anything and everything positive. They both have a never give up – positive energy – give back attitude, that is just something to learn from. It isn’t without assistance from my mom, brothers, sisters, family and friends in Minnesota, that our dad would have been able to write his book after having a stroke. In fact, most of us agree, writing is a huge source of purpose for him continuing on.

I put aside the fact my dad wrote this book completely while reading it, in an honest effort to provide any audience with an unbiased review. You can ask my husband – I didn’t put the book down. I even skipped making dinner to continue reading on. The book, in my opinion, is brilliant and has movie material written all over it. It has everything a book and movie of this genre needs to keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next.

About Presidential Prey

United States President James Atwater, 42, a former Navy and Yale man, is the first bachelor to be in the Nation’s highest office.

Six years in the White House had, by most accounts, made James Atwater a better man. A smattering of failures, a vicious news hungry press, and the seemingly unavoidable corruption of appointees had replaced the young Chief Executive’s initial cockiness and much heralded ego with a proper sense of genuine humility.

Regardless of public perception and James Atwater’s reputation as a “straight arrow,” he bore the staggering weight of a single secret – a secret so volatile, that if revealed, would rock the nation down to its foundation. Every day brought with it a certain incalculable risk – it could be the day that the Atwater administration was brought to its knees; a staggering prospect in view of his unrivaled popularity.

One fact emerged as indisputable: Security surrounding the President of the United States was inadequate.

In a rare unanimous vote, Congress declared June tenth a day of remembrance. A day that would allow those who survived, and the nation, an opportunity to remember those who were forced to surrender their lives in what the press had dubbed: “The Wolf Island Massacre.” The unveiling of a solid marble cross, upon which the name of each victim was carved, would highlight the days planned activities. Fifty-three Americans were posthumously selected for this unprecedented honor.

About James F. Hamilton

James F. Hamilton, IV is an award-winning writer and director with over one thousand television commercials, a variety of documentaries and motion pictures to his credit.

James is the father of ten children and grandfather of eighteen. This work was written after James survived a stroke. He lives in Minnesota with his wife Carolyn of 45 years.

Never Give Up.  Ever.


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