I was sitting in my car after a brisk autumn walk in the South Downs National Park near to where I live, just watching the wind blowing leaves around.

It occurred to me how these leaves were just like some people’s emotions, being blown one way, then the next and at times, caught up in a mini-whirlwind going round and round in circles on the car park surface.

How often are our emotions blown in different directions, e.g. by the peer pressure to follow the trends, be like everyone else, to fit in.

Constant comparisons with who or what other have and asking ourselves is it fake or are we the ones being fake.

The pressure to conform to the norm of family tradition or work culture.

Our thoughts influenced by social media, TV reality (fake) shows, news broadcasts

The inner conflict of logic and emotion fighting each other instead of working hand in hand to help us be who we truly want to be, act the way we want to act and get what we want to get in life. To be true to our real nature, true to ourselves, to be unshakeably confident to be the authentic us.

Are we tired of having our emotions blown every which way, can’t we control those that don’t serves our best interests and disregard them like the tree sheds its leaves in autumn ready to rest and replenish before growing new leaves (thoughts) in spring-time?

The synchronicity between nature and human beings is so often overlooked, we’re part of nature, except that we have the unique ability to choose, to decide if we will be blown everywhere like the leaves or perhaps be like the tree, stay firm, able to shed old and grow anew?

Everyone has a choice, it’s all about how we use it.



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