Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

It is hard to believe that this year is coming to a close. Many of us are asking ourselves what the heck happened, perhaps some of us are trying to find something to hold on to, something to keep us moving forward. We have learned how to manage, realized the relationships that lift us, and let go of so very much.

If I could go back and have a coffee with myself, sit across the kitchen table and chat, I would tell my overzealous self at the start of this pandemic, that you will get back to basics, you will relearn the art of holding space for someone, but releasing them to live their own truths. You will discover the joy in doing silly things with your cat, like singing or dancing around the kitchen, you will find strength in difficult times, and perhaps, it is okay to slow down, to learn to receive when needed, instead of always giving, always being the protagonist, perhaps, it is more prudent to simply flow, and offer a smile or kind words when you see someone else who is struggling. Reality changes, and we must learn to adjust. While we cannot hug, we cannot have that girls night out, and working means something far different now, we can touch others with words of meaning, we can, during this Christmas season, bring tidings of joy that come from the heart, we can see people in a different light.

The woman that I was in January is far different than the woman who is here now. In my previous post, I mentioned learning to pivot, and oh, we have all done that, we managed to make meals from nothing, or perhaps supported a local business or restaurant, realizing that it is the spirit of community that keeps a business alive. We saw things from a different perspective, maybe dropping off food or going shopping for someone else in need. From that, we became stronger, more outgoing, more willing to be a neighbor.

Being home, I tapped into my more spiritual side. I found purpose and completion in just getting through the day, instead of rushing to complete a project. I would tell myself that I am enough, I am an acts kind of person, and there were times when I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, go someplace, so, I had to learn to appreciate each day and what I could do, even if it was from a distance, from my kitchen table or home office. I realized the art of living by grace.

I became wiser through my experiences, I definitely learned how to push myself past all of the negativity that surrounds us in the world. I am still grateful, in spite of the circumstances.

I would tell that lady who started out in January that she will be just fine, and that she will be so much stronger, better, and wiser for this time, and you will realize just how far you can go.

Be kind to yourself, speak kindly to that person in the mirror, and realize that joy doesn’t always come from things, it comes from deep inside.