Her contribution towards society making difference

Her passion about the social awareness and an idea of setting a research forum to encourage students to think, observe, reflect, analyze different things around their surroundings which also enhances positive and deep learning in students at different subjects. Her mentors has supported her in this vision to fulfill dreams of many. She have set up cyber research cell in collaboration of positive Pakistan to promote effective use of social media through research. All these efforts for being social media activist from last three years also gave her an opportunity to achieve the milestone of becoming the best social media influencer for the year 2018 at the Social Media Talkathon by Pakistan. Sadia Khalid is PhD. Scholar working as a President of Umeed E Sehar & Media Coordinator for Sustainable Development Academy in Pakistan.

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Being an young researcher, “My life journey is full of struggles and challenges as strength and growth come only through continuous efforts and struggle. Belonging from a middle class and traditional family, it is not easy to chase my dreams but I believed that I had to dream big, wish unique and chase my goals because no one else will take charge of my life or do it for me.  Since my birth, my society is pressuring me that I am a girl, I don’t have right to take my own decisions”, Sadia recalls.

Nowadays, very few people use landline phones for sharing, so when you talk about things on online chat and emails, what you really talking about is full extent of human communication. The world is getting modernized and revolutionized due to dynamic use of social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Myspace, Skype, Snap chat, etc. These all platforms, provide us for reaching maximum people within few seconds. “Being responsible citizen , we all need to play part in giving awareness about different issues in the community and taking  small actions for making our future better and sustainable for future generations”, She says.

With changing structure of the societies, social issues are becoming more evident and under consideration by world’ leaders and organizations than ever before. The focus of each one of us is to create peace and harmony among people and providing justice and freedom rights to each individual. With common use of print, electronic and social media, people are getting aware of their social and political rights and they become their own advocates through campaigns. This new era is making people more responsible, mature and sensible. Thus each individual must show responsible behaviors and display such actions which are favorable for himself and for society. Society cannot bear irresponsible acts by individuals which become hurdle in smooth functioning of the rule of law, peace, harmony and societal well-being. By acting responsibly and sensibly, believe that tomorrow can be better than today.

She strongly encourages all the deserving girls to come forward and take the initiative to lead their own lives effectively and positively. Although, many women from last few decades have been actively participating in various economic & social activities, but their efforts remain unrecognized. In this male-dominating society, they are still subjected to discrimination in the social, economic and educational field. “It is important for women to identify themselves with self-confidence & esteem. The main aspect of empowerment is to give a sense of internal strength to them – to control their lives”, Sadia mentioned.

In each crisis, there is an opportunity to learn, grow and explore different dimensions, thus today, a true leader is needed who don’t believe in mere dialogues but in taking the actions at right time. The world needs youth with responsible action with interest in research and innovation.