Hello lovely, how is your week going?

Are you living in your present moment, (the only time you ever truly have), or is the energy you have to live your life of freedom from your drinking struggle, in the love and peace you deserve, divided between memories of your past and fears for your future?

Here’s the TRUTH of your problem drinking.

  • You drink to COMFORT yourself
  • To ease your PAIN of yesterday
  • To ease your ANXIETIES of the future
  • To BOOST you UP
  • To CALM you DOWN – and so your list goes on……..

And you hate the lack of control you seem to have around your drinking, and try (again) to change it.

And it makes sense that because you hate the results of your drinking, that’s where you focus your ‘change’ on starting, because you know, alcohol is the ‘problem’

But it isn’t! The intention behind your drinking is always, always to take you out of pain and into peace.

The results of your drinking is, well you know these, mountains of pain, shame and despair.

Your daily struggle with alcohol is the conflict between the intention (feelings), and the results (knowing). It has nothing to do with alcohol…..you drink to end the conflict of you.

And because you will always act on what you feel, alcohol becomes the problem, but it is not where your focus needs to be to change the way you drink……..

  • You get the hangovers, because you drink
  • You talk rubbish, because you drink
  • You are emotionally unavailable to your children, because you drink.
  • You feel weak and hopeless, because you drink

Yet your focus needs to be on your WHY of your drinking, which is always because you lack the very things you hope it will bring you……COMFORT (an umbrella term that covers everything that takes you out of alignment with you!).

That is where the simple answer to your drinking pain is, in the ‘WHY’ of your want/need/CRAVING a drink

And the easy answer to changing your drinking lies in delivering on your ‘WHY’ that becomes clear through new AWARENESS’S that allow for new actions, easily, that lead to the peaceful re-alignment of YOU

Do you recognise that?

So, what will you do with that recognition?

To help you start the process of AWARENESS of YOU, I have a simple Journal prompt I used to help me change my drinking after 28 long, sad years, and now give to all my clients, it will help you too.

I want you to sit with this, quietly and write your heartfelt answers before you pick up the glass tonight.

Take four, long, slow DEEP breathes, to calm your body, to rest your mind, download and then ACT on your answer.

“For What Purpose Do I Want A Drink?”

Just 5 minutes to hear and understand your heartfelt answers before you pick up the glass tonight – it might be to put your feet up, a hug (if no-one else is around, hug yourself tight – I often do this), to talk to a friend, to eat, to be who you are not being when you drink

Those 5 minutes will give you insight, options and take you out of the stranglehold of your trapped thinking / cravings. It’s not hard, its NEW.

And in doing this simple exercise, you will start the real conversation about changing your drinking going!!

Be kind & gentle with yourself

Sonia xx