Never has there been a better time to start your own business. With virtually every tool you may need at your disposal, often in the form of Google or YouTube tutorials, setting up your own venture has never been easier. And thanks to social media, the way we can market our products or services can be received by potential customers the world over at just the touch of a button. But with so many businesses, brands and entrepreneurs taking to Instagram to attract paying clients standing out, much less doing so with complete confidence in yourself, can be quite hard. This is where Molly Kubes comes in.

Molly Kubes is an online business strategist who specializes in helping women pursue their passions full time, by helping them attract clients through Instagram. Having travelled down the same road before, Molly quit her job in 2016 in order to be able to work full-time on her online course ‘From Stressed to Blessed’. This lifestyle change has not only helped cement her as a well-established and trusted figure within the industry but has allowed her to live a life on her own terms. A lover of travel, Molly has been able to adopt the laptop lifestyle and explore the world. Now residing in Australia, she has committed herself to helping other impact-driven, femme leaders around the world do the same.

“Crafting a business you love can allow you to make a bigger contribution to the world,” says Molly. “It doesn’t have to be all struggle. It can be something that is fun, authentic, and impactful!” With a female-only client base, many of Molly’s clients seek her out because they are drained working for someone else, often in a capacity that doesn’t resonate with them.  Tired of a job that not only eats up all of their time, but lacking in passion and authenticity, and they want the freedom to be able to work on their own terms.

Using only organic growth methods, Molly enables many of her clients to consistently hit six-figures through their businesses (‘ve only helped three people with this… I think it would be better to say something like…. Molly has helped many of her clients go full time with their side hustle, many making more than their corporate job )without any paid advertising. Utilizing a revolutionary consent-based sales approach, Molly works with those who genuinely want to help people through their passions, and create a growing community.    

“To do this we work with only women, and dive into feminine principles of building businesses for example, working with your cycles, etc.,” states Molly.  Helping clients build successful online businesses in a very low risk way with little overheads (compared to launching a brick an mortar business for example), Molly has an amazing 85%+ success rate for the women that take action follow through on all the steps in her programs the first time.  Molly’s years of expertise and strategies show that you can create a successful business on Instagram without being an influencer or resorting to paid advertising.

So whether you already have a client base and are unsure about the next step to take, feel so though you aren’t being paid enough for the value you give, or lack consistency attracting the correct target market for you, Molly Kubes is the business strategist you need in your life