While many of us are desirous of keeping fit, it’s not unusual to find ourselves falling out of line from time to time. Fitness, as with every other life goal requires dedication and discipline. But guess what? It’s totally achievable. So, if you’re currently finding it hard to smash your goals, here are a few tips to keep you motivated:

Identify and outline your fitness goals

Fitness is achieved through exercise, nutrition, adequate sleep, and many more activities. So set realistic and achievable goals for yourself per time. These goals could include drinking half a gallon of water daily, investing in a fitness app or learning to swim. Your goals could also change as time goes on. But whatever they are at the moment, identify them and work towards them.

Start small and respect your process

Fitness is a journey, and you’ve got to respect your process. Don’t fall into the temptation of comparing your journey to someone else’s, especially if you’re just starting out. Things may also seem difficult at first, but keep at it, respect your process, and watch yourself grow!

Celebrate your small wins

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Fitness can be challenging, and it’s hard to stay focused when it feels like you’re not making substantial progress. But honestly, it’s not entirely easy to say no to junk food. Or wake up and hit the gym three times a week, so give yourself some credit. On the days you achieve your goals, celebrate! On the days you don’t, refuse to be discouraged. Just go again!

Create a system of accountability

Sometimes, all you need is a little push to keep you going.  If you can get a gym buddy, an accountability partner, or better still a community of fitness enthusiasts to inspire you that’ll be fantastic. Reminders can also help us to get around to doing what we need to do. So set prompts if you have to – on your devices, around your house, and so on.

Document your progress

Try to document your progress, and create beautiful memories as you progress. It won’t hurt to take a few pictures and videos from time to time.

So that’s it! Go smash your fitness goals.  And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!