The Feel-Good Cure For Stuck

Whether you feel stuck on a work project or in a creative endeavor, generating a conducive environment is one of the best cures to move forward and reignite your creative life and productivity.

As a blogger, author and entrepreneur, I get stuck.

And as a book coach, I work every day with people who have a dream of becoming a published author, but almost every one of them faces some challenges to break through to make that happen.

Stuck isn’t a bad thing. Think of it more as an invitation. To what? To…

Re-Envision Your Environment

It may be a day you just don’t feel like to working. Or a project you don’t know how to move forward so you avoid it. No matter how mundane the task, if you view any task as a creative challenge, you’ll have more success in moving forward. 

After all, everything you do is creative—whether you’re planning a project, writing a blog post, setting up meetings, teaching a workshop or selling a product. You’re creating something, right?

Transforming your environment—office, studio, room—is one of the best places to get that creative energy moving again. Here’s how:

5 Steps to Transform Your Space or Office for Inspiration and Productivity

1. Clear Your Space: Open windows; play your favorite music; tidy up; burn sage or another aromatic, cleansing herb; sing or do whatever it takes for you to clear out old energy and bring in new energy that resonates with your intention for the space. Feel free to get goofy or go outside your usual comfort zone: burning herbs may sound airy-fairy, but remember that your creative side loves metaphor, symbols and creative practices. Have fun with this!

2. Clean Out the Old: What items in this space are holding you back? Files from old projects? Piles of papers you plan to read some day? Stacks of “shoulds”? What do you need to get out of the space so that you have the space to think, create, make something new? Can you donate it? Sell it? Put it in the basement for now? Imagine how good it will feel to create more space here.

3. Plan Your Space: What will you do in this space? What will make it feel like a sanctuary for creating, writing or whatever else you plan to do here? What artwork, furniture, colors and other objects will inspire you? You may want to close your eyes and envision the space. As you see what comes up, also tap into the feelings of a space that makes you feel inspired and motivated—a space where things happen!

4. Schedule Time for Transforming Your Space: Go right to your planner or calendar and schedule specific dates and times for organizing and creating this special space. Treat this appointment like a crucial business meeting. Don’t get distracted or let other things take precedence during your space-making time.

5. Get support: Recruit a friend, hire a recent college grad, or ask your super-organized sister to help you. For many of us, it’s so much easier to take on the task of clearing, cleaning and organizing a space with someone to help. If you need to pay for help, think of it as an important investment in your creative life and work.

Think about your biggest creative challenges. Ask yourself how you can create an inviting space for your creativity to flow.


  • Lisa Tener, Book Coach

    Award Winning Book Writing and Publishing Coach, Creativity Catalyst

    An authority on book writing, publishing and creativity, Lisa Tener guides experts, entrepreneurs and visionaries to joyfully write and publish their books. Lisa has been quoted in the New York Times, interviewed on ABC World News, serves on the faculty of Harvard Medical School’s publishing course, and teaches Award Winning Book Writing Courses. Lisa developed "The TENER Method for Creative Flow" and has won 7 prestigious business awards, including the Silver Stevie Award for Coach/Mentor of the Year. Lisa Tener's clients have received 5- and 6-figure book deals from a large variety of publishers from Random House and Hachette to niche and university publishers. Her clients' books have been featured by Oprah, on NPR, the Today Show, Good Morning America and all over the national media, including the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Forbes and much more.