We are all concerned about this COVID-19 pandemic. I have personally never experienced anything similar. In my country, almost everything is shut down and we are all encouraged to stay at home in order to protect ourselves and everyone else, especially the elderly. Even when I walk Ragnar, my Groenendael dog, I try to cut the walk short and make sure he gets enough exercise at home.

Some of us love to stay at home anyway so we know how to keep ourselves entertained. However some others feel like prisoners. So I compiled a list of fun and relaxing things to do while at home.

1. Do you love arts? Do you wish you could travel and visit some of the most famous museums around the world? Well, you sort of can! The Guggenheim museum in New York, the British museum in the United Kingdom, the Louvre museum in France, and the Van Gogh museum in The Netherlands are among thousands of museums that welcome you virtually! Talk about killing two birds with one stone; you get to spend quality time enjoying art and it is completely free!

2. Binge on TV shows, series and movies along with some popcorn! If you have been waiting to see a series with over 10 episodes, now it’s the time to do it! This is a personal reminder that I have to finally watch the Vikings.

3. Those ebooks you wanted to buy? These books you actually bought and wanted to read but didn’t have the time? Well no better time than now! Read and travel through space and time with your mind!

4. Podcasts, TEDx talks, educational videos, online courses? No excuses anymore! Start studying now! You may use your new skills sooner than you thought!

5. Clean your house thoroughly! Stains on furniture or walls? Not anymore!

6. Exercise at home! Find videos online on how to use everyday items that will help you stay in shape and help you get your beach body ready! Since you are at home, you can also cook healthy meals. For a less traditional exercise, you can watch me doing some aerial acrobatics and hopefully get some inspiration!

7. Listen to music and dance (or headbang!). No better way to release the tension built up from stress!

8. Play video games! How is your Steam account going? Nobody will ask you to stop now!

9. Talk to friends and loved ones on the phone, on messaging apps or social media! Find out how they are doing and how they keep themselves entertained.

10. Find coloring images for adults online, print them and start drawing! Or paint! Or write! Or do anything artistic you have been putting off for ages!

If you don’t find anything interesting, how about focusing on personal development and self-improvement? Start working on your vision statement! Focus on anything that ultimately relaxes you and makes you feel well. Resolve old wounds. Reach out to me as I am only an email away! Remember that you need to remain calm and positive so you can boost your immune system and encourage those around you.

Let’s all stand together against coronavirus and protect each other.


  • Dr. Evi Prokopi

    Success Coach | HRM & PM Professor & Consultant

    Skema Projects

    Dr. Evi Prokopi is a multicultural expert, having lived in 6 countries and worked with people from 58 countries. She has tremendous experience in recruiting, training, coaching, leading and managing virtual, hybrid and in-house teams for Fortune 100 companies and start-ups. Evi, the founder and President of Cosmoleadership, the Global Leadership Association, is the first and youngest Greek female to ever speak at the Global Project Management Institute Congress and she is one of the World’s Top 100 HR Influencers 2020. She has also been awarded the 40 Under 40 Business Elite Award and the Best Leadership Award 2021 by the CEO Today Magazine and she is one of Top 41 Global Future of Work Experts. As a Certified Work Performance Assessor, NLP Coach, HRM and PM Professor at the University of Northampton, and Managing Director of Skema Projects, she wants to empower people and help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Evi is an international bestselling Author. Her first book 'The Success Playbook: The 8 habits of happy & successful people' is available in English and Serbian, and her second book 'Leadership Like a Fairytale' has just been published.