Stuck To Hunt Dream As A Single Mother

Existence without challenges means you are wasting life. Problems are not made for specific categories; everyone is facing it in their way. Those who have rich are tackling different issues compared to one who has a weak financial condition. 

There is a category known as “SINGLE MOTHER” who faces a lot of troubles in their life when they pursue their dream. They suffer both financially and emotionally because of several reasons:

  • Work-life balance 
  • Responsibilities 
  • Emotional challenges 
  • Financially 
  • Time limitation 

These are the most common challenges. And it increases when one is suffering from unemployment. However, they can deal with a financial crisis with options, like loans for unemployed single mothers or borrowing money from other sources. 

Nevertheless, it can help a single mother to supervise the problem to some extent. But, when it comes too emotionally, they break down because of “LACK OF MOTIVATION”. It is something that comes from both external and internal factors. Let’s have a look at how you can gain motivation. 

Ways to Achieve Motivation

As we have discussed that you can get motivation from both internally and externally. Let’s initiate how you can get motivation internally. 

Motivation from internal factor

To attain this kind of inspiration, you have to develop a few characters:

  • Self-realisation 
  • Feel free to make decision 


It is a crucial part of to get inspired by yourself. Though it is not easy to develop such a habit, you can achieve it with specific practice. 

Look what amaze you

If something that attracts you, then spend time with them. It may be anything from children to a green environment. And never resist yourself to do it because somewhere it is hurting your motivation, and stop you from achieving ambition. 

See who motivate you

There must be something to whom you see get inspired. It may be your family member, friends, or any celebrity. Read the autobiography of people like you, who struggle, and eventually get success. There are many famous examples, like JK Rowling, who fight back with kids and become a renowned writer. 

Experience the environment

Whatever you see around can offer motivation though many fail to see it and capture things that affect them negatively. But, if you analyse things, then you can notice something that will feel you happy and gives the courage to fight back. 

Feel Free To Make Decision 

The common problem that seen in most of the single mother faces is “afraid of losing”. Yet, it is normal because single mothers have to manage everything from finance to their children. And, stays between the right and wrong decision break the motivation to do something. 

To avoid such a scenario, if you feel that the decision will bring prosperity in the house, then go for it. Never resist yourself to make a decision. If the choice does not work in a way you expected, then you can learn from it. 

Thomas A Edison said

“It takes 999 attempts to make a bulb. But, it does not show that I am a failure. With every mistake, I gain experience and motivation to move further.” 

Motivation from External factors

No doubt, external things affect the single mother’s life badly. They face a lot of taunts regarding their relationship or break that ruin their internal peace. 


If you want to get rid of it, then remember one thing, 

“The problem comes from outside can be manageable only with external things.”

Let’s see how you can fight such a problem. 

  • Let people hate to transform you 
  • Accept a new view 
  • You are the only protector of yourself. 

Let People Hate To Transform You 

Fire burns more when you put more oil in it.

The above single line applies in real life too. People may hurt you, and stop you get success in life, but turn that into the positive energy. If they pass comment or try to feel you low, then use it as energy. Feed your hunger with these powers, and show what you got. 

Accept A New View 

There is numerous time when single mothers give up because they won’t be able to change the view. They want to remain in the state they are living in. But, it is the wrong way to live life. You have to convert the views that show every person in the world is wrong.

Try to find out positive in every people; it will help to boost internal as well as external motivation. You will look at the world with optimistic eyes. It will help you to get positive energy that will force you to achieve the goals, and make your children’s life happy. 

 You Are the Only Protector of Yourself 

It is the last point and plays a vital role to keep motivating you. No matter who helps you, from where you get positive energy, ALWAYS remember that you are the protector. Here, word protector does not signify the “fight”, but it reflects the coping ability with a problem that resists the life to become stable. 

These are ways to gain motivation from both external and internal factors. Conversely, we cannot deny that the single mother faces a lot of challenges to meet the end’s need. But, after a specific time, their struggling turns them enough strength to find out the opportunities in the obstacle. 

Being a single mother is not a life full of struggle, but it is the process to become stronger