Success is a greatest challenge which we seek in our daily life wherever we are or whoever we are. We do sacrifice anything we love the most for achieving success, in order to taste the nectar of success. Since our childhood we are been taught to be successful in whatever field we opts because it is encoded deep within our mind by our parents, peers and society that only with success a man can achieve contentment, settlement and happiness. Since then we had been visualizing ever then for becoming the most successful person and we been working hard day and night to achieve what we have desired the most in our life.

Every time you visualizes in your mind by daydreaming over and over again of becoming a successful person and then you visualize as if you are walking out to family, peers and society with that charisma of success. Every time you visualizes, it gives you more pleasure over and over again. And then when you’re hard work pays off because of your relentless effort and eventually you achieve what you wanted so badly right there in your hand, you would off course become similitude of a man who conquered the Mount Everest of life for a moment.

As time passes this feeling of the Alexander the great fades off and then the very same rotten feeling of worthlessness and unhappiness creeps inside you making you unhappy and not content with what you have conquered in life. Then you think again that you have to conquer more in order to become happy. Since we think we can only become happy when we are successful, we keep on running behind achievements to own everything we are been taught to own in order to be happy deep within us. And when we achieve a professional education with days of sleepless night and tiring days, we are again unhappy as time passes. Then we move on achieving a profession for settlement by pleasing everyone at workplace and contributing more of our mental and physical output for the profession, even though we become safe and secure we become still unhappy as time passes on. Then we move on achieving wealth and assets to make us financially stable so that we can survive all unexpected expenses in life, yet we are unhappy. Then we move on to seeking power and social influence in community for acceptance and domination in order to achieve whatever we want from others, still after achieving the epitome of success you will see that we are unhappy. Having education, profession, fame, wealth and power may be an achievement, but it is never a true source of happiness. This is the reality of what that is happening with us.

The problem with us is our psychological superstition in deluding that true happiness comes with success and success comes with achievements and achievements comes with owning some material gains. If you are running for happiness then you must follow the laws needed to tap into your inner happiness, not the laws needed for achievements. Both of them are totally different as sunrise which happens in the west and the sunset which happens in the east.

Only a man who is purely happy deep within can have happiness and achieve whatever he desires in life at the same time. And a man who is unhappy deep within can never have happiness with him nor he gets true happiness even he have a million of achievements. True happiness is not something that we achieve from things outside but it is definitely something what we cultivate deep within us from our deepest core of consciousness. Synthesizing happiness from deep within is the real route for happiness; it’s not by having some material wealth in our hands or pockets which gives us temporary happiness followed by the old rotten feeling of worthlessness and discontentment. Happiness is an immaterial wealth that is cultivated deep within you for which you have to work hard and spare time like you work hard and spend time for material wealth. Happiness is an immaterial wealth and an asset one can have inside which has nothing to do with the material wealth and assets outside in your heart.

Have happiness inside your heart and achievements in your hand for happiness from achievements can be lost whereas achievement from happiness even if lost won’t make you unhappy as you are already loaded with real innate happiness. So be happy deep inside you, as you know very well deep within you what is more important for you than your achievements. If you dare to listen to that inner concise which is constantly asking you to rethink the way you seek for happiness in your daily life, you would definitely prefer for cultivating inner happiness rather than borrowing happiness from outside by owning many material achievements which neither make you happy even if you have a bundle of those and that makes you sad when you lose them.

Develop the insight within you to distinguish between the real happiness which you have deep within you, which makes you happy for no reason and the false happiness which makes you happy for owning something from the outside world. Understand that the true happiness makes you truly happy even without anything but false happiness can only make you happy only if you have something from outside your soul and can never make you happy if you lose it as for the happiness that is born within is not affected with rise in wealth in hand nor with loss of wealth in hand because it has nothing to do with this world. So be truly happy deep within so that the success will come to you and in addition you can have the immortal happiness in life that you deeply desires.