“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Henry Ford

People define success in different ways. However, one fact remains that success begins in the mind. The mind is the determinant to where you’ll reach on your business, studies or career. So, the first hack is to change the perception of your mind.

1)    Success is Silent

Show me a successful person that minds other people’s business. If there could be a machine that reads minds, you’d be shocked of what goes on in the minds of Bill Gates, Neil Patel, and Jeff Bezos among others.

They are constantly thinking of what their next invention, idea, market and business structure will be. They don’t have the time to snoop around other people’s business. They can borrow an idea from their competitors but it is a healthy competition.

2)    Success is a Goal

A goal is a blueprint of where you want to be before the clock ticks twelve on 31 Dec 2019. It is a pathway to your success that you should strictly follow.

A goal shows you the end of the journey before you begin it. You, therefore, need to take ample time and draft a workable goal that will catapult you forward.

3)    Success is Work

You can have the best strategy but still fail. A strategy is 20% while working is 80%. If your strategy doesn’t work then blame it on laziness which is the killer of success. Getting that dream job is not a walk in the park. It requires sleepless nights burning and the midnight oil.

The symptom of laziness is reciprocation. Once you hear it knocking on your door, come up with a strategy to overcome it.

4)    Success is Good Habits

Do you have a habit that is taking toll of your success? It’s high time you trade it for the better. These habits can be draining your health or hard work. You better eliminate them as fast as you can so that you don’t wind down the disappointment road.

You can have succeeded but remaining at the top needs habits that rhyme with the position. You can’t be in a meeting with CEOs during the day and hang out with loser-friends that drink the whole night.

5)    Success is Appreciation

Take care of those you use as ladders as you climb up. You may need them in case you’re coming down. These people play a greater role in your life and you couldn’t make it without them. They include your family, friends, and colleagues at work.

You don’t need to book for them a vacation to Hawaii. (If your wallet is fat, go ahead). A simple appreciation like a thanksgiving card does much. It may be simple words but they’ll find it nice to know that you needed them to make it.

Final Take

People dream of becoming successful in life. However, it is a pity that it remains a dream all their life and they never wake up from that slumber.

The time is ticking and 2019 will be setting soon. Use the above simple tips and you’ll mark the day you read this article as your first step to success.


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