Success in today's world

Success is a very broad term and can have very many meanings. For some, success is based upon monetary value. For others it is about respect from their fellow man. Your perception of success is based upon many factors including, but not merely limited to, your family ties, culture, social standing, and your own desires. Here is what success means to me along with some helpful tips to ensure you are a success in your own life.


Money is essential in our world. It allows us to purchase the things we need and some of the items we want. It is fun to have extra money, but it is also easy to begin chasing it and missing out on other aspects of life that make you a success. Where money is essential, it does not need to be at the top of your priority list. Success is much more than monetary.


It takes a lot of time to make a lot of money. Whether you work for yourself, have an hourly position, or take a salaried job, you will have to spend time to make the money you want to in order to feel like a true success. However, money is printed every day. There is always going to be more of it, but time is something more precious than money can ever be.

Time is one aspect of life you can never get back. A successful life, in my opinion, is one in which time is emphasized over money. Time spent taking the kids to the park or holding your child when they are feeling bad is something that they will look back on with fond memories. Time does not cost anything yet gives us so much in return. Embrace time with those your love.

A Big Home

There was a time where I wanted to live in a large home with many corridors and lots rooms filled with perfectly maintained furniture. The reality is that I live in an average size home that is large enough for our family, but there is not really extra space. Furnishings are not completely matched but are clean and comfortable.

After having children, my desire for a large home drastically changed. I did not want my children to have to search for me in a large home or have the obligation to keep such an expansive space clean. Having a large home is a lot of work. In our home, everyone pitches in to help keep our home clean and safe. It is not perfect, but a comfortable and affordable place to raise my family. Instead of opting for a large home with a little land, I chose a smaller home with more outdoor space for the kids to run. It might not be right for everyone, but it is the right choice for us.


We get one body for the entirety of our lives. Even though certain aspects of our body can be repaired or replaced through the advancements of medical science, we still must maintain our body for optimal health. A healthy body, in my opinion, is the marker of a successful life. Although there are some cases of heredity that deteriorate our bodies, the vast majority of ailments can be traced to not properly taking care of our body or an improperly treated accident. Getting out daily and exercising, even if it is just for a short while, seems to start the day off right. Exercise not only builds muscles and keeps fat from building up, getting your heart rate up for at least 15 minutes each day provides strength to all organs of the body.

Success is hard to pin down. Everyone has their own perception of what a truly successful life is. Money, health, family, and social interactions all play into a successful life. If you want to begin feeling like more of a successful person, try out these tips.

Get Up Earlier – It can be easy to sleep the day away and some people claim they are not morning people. However, the early morning is an optimal time to start the day. Try getting up a little earlier each day. Begin setting your alarm for 15 minutes earlier on a weekly basis. Eventually, you will train your body to get up earlier and you will find your day goes by slower giving you more time with those you love.

Eat Plenty of Healthy Food – Food is fuel and sometimes it is ok to have a burger and fries, but do not let that be your normal routine. Pack healthy foods for lunch and emphasize leafy greens at meals. Your body can be in trouble without your knowing it. Leafy greens and healthy vegetables give your body the energy and fuel it needs to fight off infection and maintain organ health. Also, do not forget about the need for proper hydration.

Laugh Often – This sounds a little cliché, but laughter is very healthy and a happy person that laughs often is generally thought of as successful. Embrace the crazy and find something to laugh at every day.

Success is a variable term, so find what your perception of success is and go for it full force. Happy Living!