Nobody said it was going to be easy. The road to success that is. And yet, people tend to forget the sensibility of being successful. A lot of these motivational talks and videos that we see very often are products of other people’s desires and goals.

The realization being, that without hard work and perseverance there can only be failure. It was not to discourage the lowest but for most of us, who don’t dwell on listening to a five minute inspirational audio clip we do what we can do best everyday.

The essence really of being successful is only in your mind. Once you’ve realized the things that you want to accomplish in life and take steps to move forward that is the beginning of a process. Because everything that comes along in life can be a learning point. The journey toward your goal is an impeccable attribution to what you want to become.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal,” according to Earl Nightingale. Wherein people should start giving value to the simplest things in life that are part of their transformation. While the focus is to become successful let us not forget the meaning of success. What it means to be successful in the first place? Is it the money? The fame? The title? None of these things can truly justify the value of success because they diminish.

On the other hand, when you have established something for yourself as well as other people, with the sense of longevity you are giving more to what is being expected.

When you embrace the process of being successful in whichever area you are trying to pursue you are already giving yourself an edge against the competition. By then you are opening your mind to a more completely complicated but rather authentic form of success in life. And when that happens another form shall take place which is also known as happiness. Again that’s another aspect.


  • Kathleene Quinn

    Linguist, Visual Artist

    Kathleene Quinn is a Filipino-American linguist, cognitive specialist, writer, and visual artist. Her works have been published in various magazines in the US and internationally with influences in culture, arts and design. A contributor for the Chicago Tribune and Thrive Global. She wrote In Time and With Water and Gathering. She speaks three languages.