Most of us have the equation for success completely backwards.

We run around desperately trying to transform the effects without ever addressing the cause. This approach can get you to a certain point, but will always come up short in the end.

YOU are the cause, your life and business are the effects.
In order to change the effects, we must transform the cause.

We all hit profit ceilings in our lives and businesses. We hit them financially, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. This is a place where we’re no longer satisfied with the results we’re generating, and we can’t figure out how to breakthrough and create what we really want.

The mistake most people make is tweaking their external strategies without addressing the internal causes. They will spend days, weeks, months, or years modifying sales funnels, business models, websites, social accounts, and relationships without once addressing the true cause …

Your internal landscape.

Our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs affect everything in our lives. They are the building blocks of everything we experience. They dictate (consciously or unconsciously) the actions we take and the results we get.

Your results reflect your mindset. It can’t be any other way. If you’re filled with fear, you’ll act from a fearful place and produce results that match that fear. If you’re filled with gratitude, you produce results congruent with that feeling.

Your life and business are the results of your past thinking. You’re walking around in a mausoleum of your past beliefs.

To be clear, I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to implement and adjust strategies in your life and business. These pieces are vitally important. But no amount of strategy can override a faulty operating system. You can’t build a palace on a shaky foundation. Without addressing the root cause it’s impossible to use any external strategy effectively past a certain point.

What truly takes us forward and allows us to break through the numerous profit ceilings in our lives is our mindset. When we feel stuck, our first thought should be “how did I create this?”. How did my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in the past create these results in my present?

Self awareness is always the next step. Once you identify the root cause, you can transform your results at lightning quick speed. The opportunities to breakthrough are always here, we begin to see them when we adjust our mindset.

If you want to make a radically upgrade to your mindset, here’s a really simple and effective practice:

  • In the morning, the middle of your day, and in the evening take 5 minutes to imagine yourself experiencing the success you desire. See yourself having the experiences you want, and feel what it feels like to have it.  How does it feel to have this success? How do you feel about yourself? What types of thoughts are you thinking now that you have this success?
  • You’ll probably feel some mixture of gratitude, excitement, inspiration, and confidence. These feelings aren’t the result of your success, they’re actually the cause. Use them to reverse engineer your success. Once you’re willing to consistently think these thoughts and feel these feelings you’ll take action that is congruent with them and produce results in harmony with them.

Your success is an inside job. You build it from the inside out. You are the architect.

The success we seek is an effect, our mindset is the cause. YOU are the cause of the success you seek.