Some facts about Amer’s childhood.

Amer Safaee was born in Daykundi 1980 in a poor family. Daykundi is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the central part of the country. Despite the fact, that Amer had no financial support, he was full of faith that he will become a successful person.  Being motivated and purposeful , he finished bachelor in IT and technology. Amer opened an IT company same with University with Bama security name in Afghanistan. Moreover , his company extended to 10 countries later.

Next steps to reach the goal.

He didn’t want to dwell on what he had achieved, that is why he finished Master in MBA and set up the Bama group company in Tajikistan, Turkey ,UAE, UK, Germany. After getting a master’s degree and working hard on his project, Amer always spent time planning strategies and analyzing the effectiveness of his work, because without control, it is difficult to draw conclusions about the success of companies. Despite the great work and constant desire to achieve the best results in his career, Amer did not forget to also devote time to himself and his hobbies.

Never forget about the things that bring happiness.

To be a successful person does not mean only to work a lot and think only about building the career, it also means to be able to relax and have a good time when you need it. To keep a work-life balance is the key. That is the reason why Amer has many hobbies and interests. For instance, now he lives between Dubai, London and Istanbul, travelling is his passion. Futhermore, Safaee enjoys horse riding and learning something new in fashion industry. He is also keen on luxury cars. Amer never married before and he doesn’t have kids. He prefers healthy food , but sometimes he likes to enjoy some traditional food which can be not healthy at all. To relax after stressful day, Safaee has two options to «reload» himself: to go for a walk or watch different funny or entertainment videos on social media.

Invest in the future.

Amer is always interested in investing to new ideas and projects. Recently Amer Safaee invested in Beauty sector and Fashion in 5 countries. For example, Amer is an investor of as ZAZZ company now. When he finds out about a promising project that needs some support, he is ready to become a part of his work. Investment for business is a kind of charge that makes it possible to increase the coefficient of useful activity and, as a result, profitability. The money that an investor provides to a business project is essentially the financial ballast that its owner can age and devalue without doing anything, and entrusted to professionals, it ceases to be a ballast, but works and makes a profit.

The more things you lost-the more power you get.

For two times Amer lost everything that he had in his life, but he was upset only for two days: he reviewed the situation, took a deep breath and stand up again. Amer is always sure that every fail is also an important stage for any person. No matter what happens, you can’t give up, you need to find a solution to any problem and always appreciate what you have already achieved.

Strategic plans for the future.

Amer’s target for 2025 is to make the company more popular and demanded and open it in 50 different countries. Regardless of the company’s motives for expanding beyond domestic markets, it must adapt its competitive strategy to the situation in a particular country; cultural, demographic, and market conditions vary from country to country. Safaee believes that it is necessary to use full technology in most of business. This is why it will take time to prepare for such a large-scale growth and make the company successful in so many countries by 2025.

Amer Safaee said: «One of main things of my successful is i didn’t scare to take risks in business. I believe, that your business should not hurt or damage anything around you, then God will give more fuel to your successful engine. Оne thing more , I never give up from failure»,- these words perfectly describe the main principles of Amer’s career way.