Joshua Oguntuase, Fitness Trainer

How would you describe yourself?

My name is Joshua Oguntuase. I am a charismatic, energetic and ambitious individual. I take pride and pleasure in supporting and empowering others achieve their true potential. 

How do you push through anxiety and what have your major challenges been so far? 

Knowing that no situation is permanent; taking on this mindset has allowed me to push through moments of doubt, self worry and overthinking. 

Focus on the things you can control, let God do the rest. 

I became solely responsible for my younger sisters at an early age and this was one of the trials I was faced with. Other trials have been establishing myself as freelance personal trainer within the UAE, balancing the role of a school teacher along with business and building a successful online fitness brand, fitnessvwork.

What are your main tips to achieving success in any aspect of life?

Not allowing success to get to your head and most importantly not allowing failure get to your heart. You need to always remind yourself that success is a journey (and not a destination). This journey comes with failing from time to time, but never failure (unless you give up). You need to work hard to achieve, you need to be prepared to work harder and smarter than everyone else when in pursuit of progression in a career path or in the world of business. 
I think tied to both the terrain of success and relationship-  “patience” is key. Patience gives you time to manage people better, patience gives you time to make logical and brave  decisions all of which are paramount to successful outcomes.

How do deal with fatigue? 

I deal with it by making room to rest and prioritizing rest. We sometimes glamorize hard-work. Hard-work is important, but just like building muscles;

stress + rest = growth

This formula is applicable to business, as well as our brains and our bodies. The demand we place on ourselves versus the outcome is subject to the rest we make room for. I always prioritize rest when I can. 

What are your plans for continuous growth and success?

Setting short term goals each year. My goals each year are tied to my larger long term goals. They come up as reminders on my phone at the end of each month, and it helps me focus my energy as I approach each day and week. 

Joshua Oguntuase, Fitness Trainer

Reading also helps. I am not a fan of reading to be honest, but I try and read regularly as a way of injecting positive affirmation and learning new ways I can build and improve the life I have created thus far.

What is your constant source of motivation?

The thought of regression. I’ve made a promise to myself to never give up on myself. My journey, traveled thus far, is used as a constant reminder of how far I’ve come. The plan is to never look back or go back, and I won’t as long I don’t give up on myself. I am my own motivation.