The key to unlock success and wealth into your life is to be your best and doing your best in all your life’s endeavours. For a man who does his best is never a failure. William W. Atkinson is of the notion that: “He is always a success and if the best should be but a poor pretty thing, still the world will place the laurel wreath of victory upon his brow when he accomplishes it. Moreover, one who does his best is never a “quitter” ora “shirker”- he stays right on his job until he has bestowed upon it the very best that there is in him to give at a a particular time. Such a man can never be a failure.” Even a royal sage of old once said “see a man who is diligent in his work, he will never stand before mere men but before Kings and Princes.”

Give the best shot even in mundane activities and imbibe a habit of excellence which will propel you ahead in any sphere of life. Never be satiated with anything less than your best but endeavour to imprint a mark of excellence in all you do. This will make success, wealth and influence  gravitate towards your life.

The Caucasians have a favourite proverb that says: “Heroism is endurance for one moment more.” William W. Atkinson elaborates on this by asserting that: “And that moment  more tells the difference between the quitter and the man who does his best. Recall that no one is dead until his heart has ceased beating and no one has failed as long as there is one more fight in him. And that “one moment more” often is the moment in which the tide turns- the moment in which the enemy relaxes his hold and drops back beaten.”

Take home success gem. 

The key to success and achievement is to give your best in your life goals till their attainment and never giving up in adversity. But, to always give it your best shot till success becomes your life portion.