Anthony Pusch

Anthony Pusch is the fierce, assertive attorney that any client would want on their side. Anthony empathizes deeply and fights zealously for each of his clients. His dedication for justice and fair treatment is evident in his practice area of civil litigation, particularly personal injury cases. Pushed by his unmatched tenacity and resolved commitment to his clients, Anthony makes sure his clients’ needs are met and that Anthony obtains every penny for his clients that they deserve.

Anthony is a native Houstonian. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Texas A&M University and then he earned his Law Degree from South Texas College of Law. Since co-founding the Pusch & Nguyen Law Firm, Anthony has achieved immense success. Anthony enjoys nothing more than helping individuals defeat insurance companies and wrongdoers to reach tremendous compensation for his clients.

How do you differentiate yourself from others in your field?

Disclaimer****I want to make this very clear. There were a great many people who helped me when I got out of law school. So I do not want people to get the wrong idea that I did everything on my own.

My law partner and I met in law school. We were both in the same section and went all the way through law school together. We took many of the same classes, the first time I met my wife was with him, and we studied for the bar exam together. We both had the same ideas. And we were both driven by the same goals.

After graduating from law school and becoming licensed attorneys we started our own firm. This is very different from the norm in our profession. Most new attorneys join a firm where they can be mentored by older more experienced attorneys and learn the practice of law.

We broke the mold by going out completely on our own and adapted a “learn as you go” approach to the practice. We haven’t looked back since.

How did you deal with push back from family or friends concerning your entrepreneurial pursuits?

When we started our own firm as baby attorney’s I had a lot of push back, mainly from family. There was a lot of doubt and a lot of negative talk from them. The thing that worked for me during that time was insulating myself from that negative energy. The way I accomplished this was by making it a point to surround myself with people/friends that shared the same positive outlook I did. By spending most of my time with them and avoiding those “sit down” conversations with family, it enabled me to ignore those thoughts and feelings. That’s not to say I don’t feel doubt or never did, but I definitely took a very proactive approach to silencing that negativity as best I could.

Chi-Hung David Nguyen

Chi-Hung David Nguyen is a practicing personal injury attorney who has represented clients from all over the state of Texas, ranging from minor and major car accidents to the most catastrophic injury claims. David grew up in Houston, Texas, graduating from the prestigious DeBakey High School for Health Professions and going on to the University of Houston Bauer College of Business to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree. Subsequently, David earned his law degree from South Texas College of Law. David has since played in an instrumental role at Pusch & Nguyen with his knowledge, skill, and leadership to effectively counsel his clients and obtain fair compensation on their behalf.

What are 3 tips you can share with our readers as it relates to your industry?

First tip is to never forget the practice of law is a business. I found finding the balancing of administrative duties, marketing, and practicing law the most difficult. Many times you want to be left alone to prep for a case, or do research, but administrative duties always manage to interrupt your workflow, which brings us to my second tip. Create a schedule, and stick with it. Outline weekly timeslots for meetings regarding office workflow, marketing campaigns, accounting, etc. These are just as important to your practice as are your duties to your clients. Third tip, is practice good exercise and eating healthy habits daily. In my opinion, that is the only way you can sustain the constant stresses entrepreneurship imposes. I haven’t perfected these myself, but these are things I am cognizant of, and continually improving.

How do you personally define success? What does it mean to you?

Success to me is defined by the positive effect I leave on people, whether it be for my clients, friends, or family. To be able to stay true to your core values while positively impacting the community around you

What do you do to recharge when you are feeling drained?

Feeling drained should/will be apart of every entrepreneur’s journey. Your job doesn’t end when you leave the office. We don’t work a 9-5 job, rather we are working 24/7. Many times I find myself reading and researching various legal or business related topics until 2-4 am(after my son falls asleep.) No matter how difficult my day has been, spending time with my 7 month old son is a sure way to brighten my day. Gone are the days of drinking and socializing after work. As corny as it may sound, there’s nothing I look forward to more than coming home and spending time with my son.

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