A productive business is a successful business. The more you can reduce downtime, boost employee motivation, and ultimately get work done, the more profit you’ll make. Not only that, but your brand will grow, and you’ll be able to improve operations all around.

But how do you start with boosting business productivity? There are many simple methods you can use for a more efficient and productive office. A seasoned business owner, Gary Brewster of Oneida, TN shares a few that will ensure maximum business success.

Set Targets and Deadlines

One of the best ways to improve productivity is with clear, defined targets. These can enhance work on all levels of your business, from low-level employees to the very top.

For instance, car dealerships often have monthly quotas for selling. If they don’t reach them, then they adjust their strategy to ensure they improve. Giving your employees specific targets will also help them have a clear aim and prioritize how to achieve it.

You can send out emails defining targets or even use a whiteboard in your office with company-wide objectives. It can do wonders for motivation and productivity.

Cut Down on Meetings

Data collected by Fuze found that meetings waste over $37 billion a year. It also wastes a ton of time. Employees often spend over four hours a week in meetings, and even more for managers and executives.

Forcing your employees into meetings can kill your business productivity. Not only is it time spent away from doing work for the business, but it can interrupt the whole flow of your operation. They have to devote extra time preparing and getting back on track afterward.

Aim to only hold meetings when its essential. You don’t need multiple meetings a week or useless status update meetings. If you need to get information out to people across your business, a simple Slack workspace or mass email can do the trick.

Reduce Interruptions

Interruptions in the workplace can naturally lead to a drop in productivity. Things like social media and music can reduce people’s ability to work and ultimately impact your business negatively.

Do what you can to cut down on common interruptions. While your workers are focusing on a task, don’t overload them with more work. If people play music in your office, then make sure they use headphones. It can also help to have them stay away from social media and ignore smartphones.

Ensure 100% Network Uptime

Businesses do more work online than ever before. That can be great for easy collaboration and accessibility, but it also has its problems.

If the internet goes down in your business, it can instantly put your whole operation to a halt. You need to avoid downtime and have a backup plan for network problems.

It’s smart to invest your money in an ISP with 100% uptime. It also helps to improve your cybersecurity to ensure viruses don’t put a spanner in the works of your business.

Make sure you have a plan for when your internet or power goes out. Backing up your data physically so you can work offline will help. For when you lose electricity, ensure you have a backup generator.


Productivity can often come down to the people working for you and what you do to motivate them. However, by cutting down on common productivity killers, you can have a much more effective business. Set targets, cut out interruptions and meetings, ensure uptime, and keep your employees happy.

About Gary Brewster:

Gary Brewster of Oneida, TN has led an impressive career as a successful business owner in his 25 years working in the commercial roofing industry in Oneida, Tennessee. He is a trusted business leader who diligently helps customers solve any roofing issues or concerns. Through his commitment to growing successful businesses in the community, Gary has also invested in other industries such as Brewco LLC., TN KY Pawn, and T&T Car Wash.

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