Known as “Todd” to friends, Ault is a veteran of Wall Street and entrepreneur known both for his  activist investment approach, as well as his takeover of DPW digital power in 2016. These days,  Ault’s holding company “Ault Global Holdings” focuses on “undervalued assets and disruptive  technologies with a global impact.” 

But making hundreds of millions does not happen overnight, and Ault has had to develop skills to get past the stress-filled days on the road to success. In this article, Ault shares his insights.  

De-stressing tips 

Making healthier choices can make or break you. One of Ault’s biggest tips is to marry or  partner with the right person. Ault believes that 95 percent of becoming “successful” comes from  having the support of that “right” person.  

He added that having a significant other that understands your career goals and has a deep understanding of the real you is key.  

“If you’re committed to the wrong person, that underlying chaos can easily wipe out  almost any amount of success in my opinion,” Ault said.  

And it’s critical if you are going to keep pursuing your goals. Ault also believes that  surrounding yourself with supportive colleagues is another key point. 

Avoiding burnouts 

As a businessman and father, days full of stress are inevitable. However, he’s found  ways to avoid burnout. Ault also knows that finding time to recharge isn’t as easy as it may  sound, and it takes time to figure out. One Ault one answer has been to find a routine that offers  balance for both his personal and work life. 

Tips for successful habits 

There are many success habits available out there. For Ault, a successful habit generally  includes something that is predicated on achieving a specific goal. If you can create a habit that  pushes you forward without having to rely on others, it’s already a successful habit.  

In his words, it’s about finding something that challenges some part of your soul, that  only you know exists. Then training yourself to achieve that goal.

“Listening to your innermost needs and taking action to meet those needs is almost like  having a superpower.” 


Motivation is key to success. Ault finds his motivation in committing to his family first,  then his business goals. He believes that you have to be fully committed in everything you’re  doing.


  • Johnny Medina

    Branding Expert-Business Consultant

    Johnny Medina is a young Entrepreneur who interviews successful Entrepreneurs/Business Owners who are willing to share their success tips & have overcome some challenging obstacles.