In 2015 Victor Ricci founded Trend Pie in his college dorm room; three years later, Trend Pie was acquired by X-Mode. He has helped over 150 different clients scale and navigate the ever-changing DTC landscape, including multiple Fortune 500 companies. He currently works as an advisor and consultant for e-commerce brands and apps. 

In this article we ask Victor what are his biggest distress tips and more!

Biggest distress tips 

Some of Victor’s biggest distress tips are to take a step back and find an activity that allows you to clear your head. Once you’ve done that, try attacking the problem again. Another distress tip Ricci found was if you are stuck on a problem, attempt to think of the outcome you want, after that try working your way backwards. 

Avoiding burnouts

Ricci avoids a stressful day just by taking breaks regularly, nothing crazy or groundbreaking. He suggests that if you find yourself still struggling, try putting your phone down for an hour before bed. As well as not using your phone for the first hour you are awake. Those were some of the things that helped Victor avoid a burnout day. 

Main tips for successful habits 

Victor has found that there are so many fantastic productivity tools out there to help keep you organized and make your workday more efficient. He states to find the right mix of tools that works for you. Rucci personally is unable to operate effectively without using a to-do list, so this is very important to him. He suggests not trying to change everything all at once, but rather to start with incremental positive changes and work your way up from there. Rucci then adds “If you are trying to get in shape, do not start by going to the gym two times per day, seven days a week. You will be far less likely to keep this schedule in the long run, and it will be a much harder habit to form than going to the gym every other day.” 


Something that keeps Victor motivated is music, he listens to music throughout the day to help him out. He always has music continually playing while he is working, the only time he ever pauses the music is when he has to jump on calls, but other than that you won’t find him pausing his music. Victor then mentions that the music can sometimes be distracting, so he starts with something light and keeps the volume low. He advises that you should check how your productivity is affected from low light music and go on from there, making any changes necessary to do what works for you. 

Advice to someone starting out 

If Victor had one piece of advice to offer someone just starting out, it would be to focus on yourself and to stay authentic. He then adds on “Don’t get lost in the social media world of “gurus”, “experts”, “millionaires”, and flex-ers.” He mentions to not compare your lowest or worst moments with the image other people portray of themselves on social media. 


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