Ezra Pound, who is widely considered as one of the most influential poets of the 20th century once remarked:

“Every great change is simple.”

and he wasn’t wrong.

We often discount the power of seemingly simple shifts in our lifestyle because we find comfort in the idea that great transformation comes from a place of sophistication.

Truth however begs to differ.

No successful person ever just woke up one day and decided to turn their life around. What they did was realize that a change is needed, and then made small efforts each day consistently to make that BIG change happen.

It’s not one big change, but the collective effect of small changes incorporated into each day that creates stories that inspire.

The lifestyle changes these entrepreneurs made didn’t just transform their lives for the better, but also gave them a way to inspire & help others to do the same.

1) Trading Perfectionism and Control for Gratitude and Vulnerability

Getting diagnosed with cancer can make anyone go weak in their knees, but getting the diagnosis days after your 50th birthday is tragic on another level.

Now imagine that being followed by having to put your second kid through college, overcoming six-figures of debt, going under a major surgery for the second time, losing a home, getting a heart attack scare and seeing your 25 years of marriage coming to an end.

This chain of events can make even the strongest of people falter. However, Renee Ward didn’t just survive all these events, but thrived and came out better than ever.

And she owes her strength to trading perfectionism and control for gratitude and vulnerability.

She says:

“Intentionally living in daily gratitude and journaling has given me inner peace, a new appreciation for the simple gifts in life, and the ability to find something positive in the midst of any situation. 

Embracing and sharing my vulnerability has quieted my inner critic, lessened my need for approval from other people, and led to a new fulfilling career helping other women to do the same.”

Renee Ward, Founder, Catalyst Health Coaching

2) Having A Morning Ritual

We all know the power of waking up early. However, what most people don’t realize is that it’s not enough to just wake up early.

If all you’re going to do is pick up your phone and start browsing your social media feed the moment you wake up, neither your day nor your life is going to get any better.

Alex Capozzolo understood it and realized that by establishing a routine that is consistent, but allows for flexibility, can help you energize and optimize early hours of your day. Early hours you probably don’t even realize exist.

This is Alex’s morning ritual:

  • Cold Shower
  • 10 minutes of meditation
  • Writing in a gratitude & affirmation journal
  • Texting someone you love
  • Running
  • Watching a motivational video

Alex says 

“I used to have trouble waking up early, but now that I have physical tasks to complete each morning, it gives me the direction and drive to start my morning, complete these tasks, and strive forward.”

Alex Capozzolo, Co-Founder, Brotherly Love Real Estate

3) Keeping A Move On Throughout The Day

When you sit on a chair for more than eight hours each day, it’s natural for your body and overall health to suffer.

Weight gain, body ache, lethargy, are just some of the things you experience when you spend a big part of your day staying glued to your workspace.

But for Cate Rosales, the negative changes she was experiencing weren’t acceptable, therefore, she decided it’s time for a change.

She set up a standing desk at her home and started doing stretches, squats, and a variety of easy leg exercises throughout the day.

By keeping a move on and doing simple exercises throughout the day, she didn’t just become more productive, but also lost excess weight she gained.

She says “Anytime I feel like I’m struggling to concentrate on work, I step back from my desk and get my heart rate up with some squats or jumping jacks. Then drink some water and get back to it. Works every time!”

She claims she wouldn’t be where she is in her business and life if not for this simple lifestyle change.

Cate Rosales, Founder, Sweet and Simple Life

4) Measure What Matters

What separates successful entrepreneurs from not-so-successful ones is what they measure.

Every successful business or organization has a set of indicators called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are religiously measured.

But how many of us ever thought of giving the art of measurement a creative twist so that we can apply it in our personal lives to make it more happier and fulfilling?

Fortunately for us Aaron Velky did, and what he experienced gave him the life of creativity he was seeking but couldn’t find before. 

Here’s what he has to say:

“I measure what matters, to a degree that most might feel intimidated by, but the slow growth of my measurement has changed it all for me.

Now I measure the number of times I see my family, the visits to the gym, books I’ve read, and even how many times I send a stranger a book.

I track business metrics the same way, but when I focused on and measured the things that make me fulfilled, my life and business skyrocketed.”

He says that making this simple change gave him a direction and clarity about what matters more and what can be safely ignored.

Aaron Velky, Co-Founder, Ortus Academy

5) Pull Back To Push Forward

If there’s one thing in common about the world of most entrepreneurs, it’s the mentality of ‘hustle and grind’, and while it seems all motivating, there are very real implications of it that most people don’t realize until it’s too late.

Hustling doesn’t mean ignoring your health, not resting enough, or not taking proper sleep, but almost every ‘guru’ out there seems to be advocating this toxic mindset.

Just like many entrepreneurs, Iqbal Hussain also became a victim of this mentality. Here’s how he overcame it:

“For years I kept pushing myself trying hard to achieve success. I slept just 4.5 hours believing that sleeping too much is a waste of time. I once went for months with just 2 hours of sleep.

I’d spend 16-18 hours in front of my computer each day. My health deteriorated to the point where I didn’t recognize myself.

It all changed when I started pulling back on work and gave more time to sleep, nutrition, exercise, and taking small breaks. I find it surprising but I achieved way more in less time by pulling back than I did by ‘grinding’.”

He remarks that this lifestyle change made him realize that the more a person invests in his health and overall well-being, the more he gains in life, both in terms of personal and professional fulfillment.

Iqbal Hussain, Founder, Norm Defiers

Closing Thoughts

Those were the 5 lifestyle changes that 5 successful entrepreneurs made to create a positive transformation in their lives.

Do you think you need one of those lifestyle changes in your life? Do you know someone who lives such a lifestyle and would like to share how it goes for them?

Share in comments what’s your take on these simple yet powerful changes, and if you have some of your own, I’d love to know about them as well.