1. You are a pretty busy woman – you’re managing your own lawyer firm, participate in the life of Lithuanian lawyers, while also loving an active lifestyle. How do you manage to find time for everything?

I have many more goals, desires and dreams than time. Then again, as Aldous Huxley said, “Dream pragmatically.” Also, a day only has 24 hours. Time planning in this age has become an immense help for an active lifestyle. I try to plan my time, but don’t keep an insanely strict regime. I combine the two elements of opposite poles – I am spontaneous and planning.

The digital revolution has brought many human improvements, the speed that knowledge and intelligence is transported, and other advances in human life, but also a significant amount of “time-consuming” pollution. It is important for me to spend my time meaningfully – working, doing sports, learning, communicating, traveling or serving the community.

2. Can you tell us how your typical working day looks like?

I don’t have a typical day. Life is so colourful that it’s hard to put it into a daily frame.

3. What advice could you give to women seeking to find themselves in a career or a professional field?

What advice could I give? To be happy! Building a career takes a lot out of a woman, that’s why you need to know why you’re doing this and feel happy realizing yourself in your profession. It’s a big part of life. I think that it’s the most important part of it and there are many ways to reach it.

4. What role models inspire you?

I get inspired by peoples’ actions, personalities are hard to get to know, especially if the information is taken from a book or social communication; often it translates the authors’ opinion, not the personality. In my social circle there are many prominent personalities and they without a doubt inspire me. I am intrigued by consistent, unconditional, even self-sacrificing work, seeking results and I’m especially charmed by young talent when it’s used correctly and appreciated.

5. In difficult situations, how do you find the strength of faith for them?

Maybe you have a motto or a saying that helps you through these situations? I know that it’s possible to reach everything. The point is to have a firm goal and not forget it, not concentrating on the process or failure. I once read a legend about deity being taken from man. Other gods decided to hide it somewhere where man wouldn’t look – inside man himself. I believe that a person can reach much more than science states. The point is to not pollute your ideas and works. If you believe in your own power, everyone can reach their goals.

6. How would you shortly describe your profession?

The activity of a business lawyer is a daily solution to complex problems. A lawyer works for the interests of the client, but by law is obliged to remain independent. A lawyer usually solves customer problems, but needs to develop and expand their business. It is a complex profession requiring continuous improvement of qualification, which automatically does not spoil material profit. The success of a business lawyer is coupled with the success of a customer’s business, so the success is doubled. There are various stereotypes about lawyers in society, but the quality of the lawyer’s activity is in fact determined by individual determination, conscience and abilities.

7. What is the best life/career advice you have received?

I listen and analyse each piece of advice I get, most of the time they have a completely different meaning than specific words. I could separate one saying from Dalai Lama that could be applied both in everyday life & in your profession: “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

8.Which criteria do you choose when choosing clothes for work? Is it important for you to express yourself by wearing a garment?

I prioritise the quality of the fabric and the convenience of the clothes. I perfectly understand that clothes represent us. I feel better when I like what I wear, this, often feminine, weakness did not miss me (smiling). Taking into account that modern etiquette does not put women’s clothing through an iron protocol, and there is enough room for improvisation, there are some places where feminine weaknesses can thrive!

9. And to wrap up, what is your favorite wear-to-work piece?

Machine-washable dresses from FG atelier! Their universal charm fits in both at a professional setting and at smart casual dress situations.