My favorite advice from successful people, is the advice they’d give their younger self. I feel that when you ask them a general, “do you have advice for an aspiring (fill in the blank)” you’ll get a general answer. But when they tell you what they’d tell THEMSELVES, now there’s the wisdom.

Below I’ve compiled 10 advice wisdom nuggets from successful and inspirational people. Enjoy!

J K Rowling


Sara Blakely

Founder, Spanx

Tim Cook

Apple CEO

Michelle Obama

Lawyer, Author, and Former First Lady of the United States

Steve Maraboli

Behavioral Scientist, Bestselling Author, International Speaker

Sheryl Sandberg

COO, Facebook

Arianna Huffington

Co-Founder, Huffington Post

Adena Friedman

President, Nasdaq

Jason Fried

Co-Founder & CEO, Basecamp

Aicha Evans

Senior VP & Chief Strategy Officer, Intel