Chris Cole is a 37-year-old financial trader from Augusta, Georgia. He was born into poverty and surrounded by drugs and voilence during his formative years. Chris found his was around the typical connections,mentors and formal training of many peers. He overcame these obstacles by realizing that God created him for a purpose.

In this article Chris shares his best success habits and how to stay balanced.

Successful Habits

To climb to the heights he has reached, Chris needed an innate drive and confidence. With no formal training or mentors within the industry during his early years, Chris let experience be his teacher with faith as his guide. The combination, he says, was bolstered by his refusal to fail. “My breath alone is evidence enough that I can do whatever I put my mind to,” he adds. With that confidence, Chris found he had even more key tools for success: perseverance and planning. “I have to be intentional about executing tasks, even when I don’t “feel” like doing them, he says. “Beyond that, I have to control the things I can control: my time, what I put into my body, and what I put into my mind.” 

Staying Balanced

With so many projects, responsibilities, and obligations, even someone who can push through their unmotivated days like Chris needs a way to unwind and methods to remain balanced. The biggest key here, according to Chris, is to build a life doing the things you love. Beyond that rare love for the craft, Chris’ favorite downtime hobbies are a bit more traditional ways to relax. “Golf and reading,” he says. “Those are my two sanctuaries.” 

His Advice

While attaining all of the success Chris has achieved in a variety of areas may seem like an unlikely goal, he does offer wisdom to aspiring entrepreneurs that could be beneficial no matter the particular path they choose to take. One piece of advice I would give to someone just starting out is that they should fall in love with the process as quickly as possible,” he explains. “Also start thinking about the things that you may have to deal with that comes with the success you envision. Preparation and planning is key, Execution is G-O-D.” 


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