Raheja hospital one of the best hospitals proved his ability to make a good judgment, teamwork and right treatment. All these qualities of hospital helped to save the life of the patient.

A 62-year-old men work as an accountant, was always a very active person. But he had compiled of a dull headache, Throbbing pain on his face and he also experiences pain when the move his head to a certain position. When he went to the local ENT doctor, he comes to know that dull headache, throbbing pain on his face and positional headache were the reason for the change in his spectacles. But later on, when pain continues, He was asked to undergo CT scan.

When his condition starts getting worse his son take him to Raheja Hospital for the CT scan. While waiting for the report both father and son decided to go for Recommendation of ER consult at Raheja hospital From chief medical officer who was in the round. After the examination, the symptom was not so clear. He informs everything about his condition to the Raheja hospital doctors but his physical examination was not matching with his symptoms.

Dr Kaustub recommends him MRI test where he comes to know that there was a big loss of blood from his Subdural Hematoma due to which there was an imbalance in his brain. He was recommended to emergency bruu hole surgery. Where Raheja hospital doctors remove the blood clot in his brain which was creating the problem in his head. You can book your appointment with Doctors through clinicspot.

The patient responded well to the treatment after the treatment doctor come to know that due to damage to his brain is didn’t remember anything about the surgery or anything within happened within days.

Expert treatment, correct analysis and time management by the Raheja hospital save the patients’ life. If there is any deviation in the treatment patient might be ended up in ICU or paralyzed.

According to Raheja hospital doctors, People need to be aware of proper treatment in a timely manner. As we have seen in this case that if the patient got late for the treatment he might end up in ICU or parley.

According to Dr Amit Nabhar “This was a classic case of good clinical acumen, timely intervention, experts at hand, and teamwork that helped to save a certain debilitating life. That one particular day that forced him to slow down in his speech, walk etc. gave us an insight into his concern. Importantly, people need to be aware that they need to seek medical aid in a timely manner instead of ignoring the signs or self-diagnosing themselves. The patient has had a speedy recovery and has been discharged, he is been advised to follow-ups every 15 days. Nothing can replace thorough clinical examination and specialized medical aid”.