Ask yourself, what it would mean to you if you no longer have to suffer from your lower self-confidence? No longer doubt your ability to pursue something that you truly desire?

Certainly, you could have a better lifestyle and feel free to reach your true potential.

But many of us find it very difficult to overcome the biggest barrier to obtaining a great level of confidence in ourselves:


Like if you were to give a presentation in front of an audience, how confident would you feel when you have the fear inside you that you may be judged or even just find it hard to communicate one on one?

However know this, you are certainly not alone.

Feeling like it’s unfair that others just seem to be naturally confident in themselves whilst you are struggling to even express your own feelings.

But of none your fault.

This is because of your own life experiences that you have had, the environment you were raised in and genetic factors that all contribute to effecting your level of confidence.

For others, it may be opposite to you where they have gone through experiences that have made them become more confident in themselves.

But you can change this and you can start doing it today.

I grew up through my childhood as a very shy, timid and less talkative individual who struggled to achieve any significant success as I constantly doubted my ability in comparison to others.

With English as my worst subject and without any specific practicing to expand on my knowledge in the area after school, all my close relatives and friends brushed it off when I said I wanted to be a professional writer.

Imagine having no support to uplift you when you start pursuing a new activity or career.

When you already have little confidence in your ability to succeed combined with no support, how would you feel?

But I could not blame them because of my track record.

I have no record to prove I have the capability, skill set or knowledge to show that I was able to make this new career a success of mine.

So it seemed perfectly normal for them to not have the confidence in me.

Now how can you change that and inject the belief into yourself first in any particular field and increase your confidence?

You see the key to truly obtain ice-cold confidence is very simple. It really only requires your time and dedication.

Confidence is equivalent to competence.

The more time you invest in increasing your ability in that particular field, naturally the better you become and the greater your confidence will be.

Remember a time when you participated in an activity for the very first time. Did you have much confidence in yourself?

In comparison to those who have spent decades practicing in the art of that particular activity, I am sure we can both agree they will not be short of confidence who doubts their own ability.

For example, learning to drive for the first time can be freighting but as you continue driving every day getting from point A to B, you no longer feel insecure about driving and you know full well you can drive anytime at will.

This is the key takeaway from gaining unshakable confidence regardless of your background, genetics or other life experiences you may have been though.

Through repetition, practicing and committing in the activity you are looking into will raise your confidence slowly but surely.      

Your past doesn’t have to shape your future. Your actions and words in the present moment can redefine a bright future ahead of you.

And your time to do that is now.

Stay laser-focused in a particular activity and attack it with absolute conviction.

Results produced will only be a matter of time.