The ideals of Sufism have influenced the world and many major religions. The hippie movement is said to have roots in Sufism. 

Many have been drawn to the safety and serenity offered by the mystical Islamic belief. Anyone seeking spirituality and inner strength can seek Sufism. It will allow them to achieve just that and more. 

There is more to Islam and religion in general than just following certain commands. To fully understand Sufism, we need to have a direct personal experience with God. Sufism points us in the right direction.

What Is Sufism?

In the simplest of words, Sufism or Islamic Mysticism is a branch of Islam based on finding the truth about God and attaining divine knowledge through love. Sufism is also called Tasawwuf, which can be roughly translated to  ‘deliberation.’ It is an inward deliberation; into one’s soul and the teachings of Islam in an attempt to forge a direct connection with Allah (God).

We all experience a growing feeling of misery and desolation than ever before. People can be seen complaining about a lack of connection and empathy for other human beings. The fact is that the pace of modern times has dislocated our rhythm of life. Sufism provides a light and a way for us to feel more connected with ourselves, our fellow human beings, and our creator.

End to Hatred and Cynicism

One of the main reasons for our suffering is our hatred and cynicism towards everything. This prevents us from achieving the harmony that we all are capable of. Since we cannot compete with outside forces, it is important for us to surrender and end our suffering.

Instead of being jealous, we need to love. Rather than causing pain, we need to give pleasure. As opposed to fearing death, we need to hope for a life full of possibilities. 

Love and Harmony

Diving deeper into Sufism, you find love and harmony to be at the root of it all. If there is a lack of love, you will not experience harmony in life. You have to purge your mind of all toxic emotions that are holding you down. Instead, you have to restore harmony and balance.

The truth is that we all need a balance to take on everything. If there is no balance, we are bound to suffer. Sufism provides a variety of mystical paths that help you ascertain your calling with nature. 

Look Within

Sufi teachings highlight the importance of looking within to experience the divine. It is said that when we realize ourselves, we realize God. As God is omnipresent, we need to see Him by removing the veil of ignorance and acknowledging His presence in our life. 

Generally, people are ego-centered. When we polish our hearts and purify our soil, we get to attain the vision needed to feel God. This is where Sufism comes into place. It connects us to our deeper and more authentic self to explore our potential.

By looking within, you get to tap into your unlimited potential. We all have an authentic self that we need to explore, and Sufism helps us with it. Sufism is a compass, an Islamic finder that points us in the right direction.

Divine Spark

Sufis talk about the divine spark within us. It allows us to experience a glimpse of the divine. When we focus on the divine self, we get to overcome our limitations and gain inner strength. This is the true beauty of Sufism. 

Individuals have to pursue these experiences to grow deeper and connect with the cosmic realm. It enables them to celebrate divine love. 

Saadi, the famous Persian poet, spoke about each soul being born with a specific purpose, and when the person pursues that purpose, the light within him is kindled.  

Islamic Roots

Although Sufism can be followed by everyone, it is important to understand its Islamic roots. It might seem like a new-age combination of different spiritual practices initially. 

As Islam spread to different lands, traditions from different theologies like Christianity, Hinduism, and Greek theology influenced it. It is due to this reason that Sufis believe that every faith is created equal and that no religion denies the existence of God.

Embrace Your Inner Sufi

In a world full of noise, we need to embrace our inner Sufi. To do this, we need to combine the outer and inner life to tune in to the divine. It is all about finding that balance that shines through us and gives us the much-needed inner strength to tread on with life.