We come across so many influential people on social media and you might be wondering what makes them unique and stand out from the masses? Today we must talk about an individual 32 years of age, half Italian and half Moroccan, who succeeded in making a living from his passion, living the best life possible by travelling to exotic destinations and managing some of the best MMA athletes.

Sufyan Cultrera is not just another sports manager, he has a lot of worth in him than to be known as simply a manager, Growing up in the streets of Casablanca, Sufyan Cultrera had to face a lot of challenging situations on his own. Although it was difficult back then for him to cope up with everything, he has been quite a motivated individual, making his way past everything that he has been put through.

Things became even more unbearable for him when he had to adjust into a completely different country, his family shifted to Germany when he was only 11 and since then his life had almost turned upside down. It is usually expected that children will be able to absorb the shock, going through a cultural change at a younger age, but Sufyan Cultrera was certainly not an individual to give up on such grounds. If there is something that has helped him to go through everything, it is the constant support of his family and the determination that was burning inside the young man.

People usually assume that Sufyan Cultrera is in the world of sports management because he used to be a professional fighter himself, but this is certainly not the only reason. He has been more academically motivated, learning from the very beginning to always put his education first. Starting of his studies in International Business and Management at one of the best universities in his country, Sufyan Cultrera even went a half year abroad to Los Angeles to develop his English skills. After graduating with a master’s degree, Sufyan Cultrera became rather serious and decided to venture into a proper industry, dreaming to establish himself into a career that not only motivates him but also defines him as an individual. After all, what is the use of choosing a career path that he is not interested in?

Practising martial arts from a very young age, Sufyan Cultrera continued his passion for the sports training kickboxing in Germany during his studies. Very soon, he started to earn money and became a professional fighter, taking part in 32 matches losing only 2 since then in his entire career. This is a remarkable deal in his industry. After a lot of wins, he realised that this was not his true calling. Instead, he opted to work for the management. He joined the UFD Sports Management and started to work along with professional MMA fighters. Currently he is the Vice President at the UFD Sports Management which is considered to be the best sports management in Europe, looking to become an international giant in the field of MMA sports.

Being a busy man, Sufyan Cultrera recently enjoys posting a lot on his Instagram page and has gathered a number of loyal followers who really look up to his work on a regular basis. With more than 370K international followers, Sufyan Cultrera can certainly be considered as an influential social media influencer at the moment. Collaborating with major brands as well as luxury hotels like Zara, Reebok, Four Seasons hotel and even Mercedes, his life is full of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is an understatement; he is living the best life possible. Wonder what he is going to land up into next? Follow him on Instagram @sufyancult to keep yourself updated.