Dear Summer,

I know that you are here, but I haven’t really felt your presence in the way that I want to and in the way that I have grown accustomed to over the years.  I miss you, summer!

Admittedly, in my hyper-vigilance, I’ve kind of ignored your carefree spirit and healing presence.   

I find myself folding laundry instead of playing outside, worrying about wearing masks instead of splashing in the pool, dreaming about a more carefree time with friends instead of actually doing something about it.  In the light of my sister’s recent cancer diagnosis, I am trading in my wine for dandelion tea, and swapped my back to school shopping list for Hepa- filter research (in case school actually starts).  I am wilting just like the knocked-down tree still lying on my back patio from the east coast storms last week.  

They say that the lesson you teach is the one you need to learn.  Here goes:  THERE ARE STILL ALMOST 4 WONDERFUL WEEKS OF YOU, SUMMER, LEFT FOR THE ENJOYING!

Today I made outdoor dinner plans with a friend.  A real dinner, that I didn’t cook (and no kids)!  Immediately, my summer mojo was back into the picture.  Building on that, I just spontaneously walked to a friend’s house nearby after dinner to say happy birthday to her 10-year-old daughter, and we turned it into a pop-up party, trading that dandelion tea in for a giant wine once again.  Instead of completing my son’s private school application for 6th grade tonight, I am moonlighting with a message for you (it’s not due until January, anyway) …

…Times are tougher than usual, for all of us.  What I need, what many of us need, is full permission to take back what is ours, to enjoy (smartly) all that you have to offer.  You are here for a quick pause, a deep breath, a neutral drive, a warm and sunny (mostly) season.  Intentionally stepping into your beauty and the grace of your presence is the only way to experience your eternally rising sunshine!