I started the Thrive ZP Challenge because I was having issues with my blood pressure, cholesterol, and white blood cell count. My doctor wanted to put me on medication, but I didn’t want to do that. My blood pressure was so high that I was sent to a specialist, which cost me so much. I had read about the Challenge on Facebook and decided to give it a try. 

I started with fitness. I bike five to seven miles each morning — people from our community will join me from time to time. Sometimes, they have to ask me to slow down because I’ve gotten faster. In the evenings, I’ll go for walks with my wife. I use the Health app on my phone to count my steps. At home, I do exercises like push-ups and leg lifts, which helps me keep my energy up. I’ve lost around 15 pounds so far.

My wife and I are cooking at home instead of eating out. We’re making salads and smoothies, which I wasn’t eating so much of before. Instead of drinking so much coffee in the morning, I’m drinking water instead. We’ve stopped buying and keeping junk food in the house. We’ve also stopped eating fried foods, since they are not good for your heart or blood pressure. When I’m tempted to eat those foods, I think of how my body used to be, and how it used to feel. I used to have so much pain, which impacted the way I slept and how I felt. I wasn’t happy. I was always tired. Now, I sleep really well and have a clear mind. I’m more sociable and want to meet new people. 

My wife and I are closer now, too. We are connected like never before. We talk more, go for walks together. She loves that I’m not getting tired as easily and can do more with her. I’m also getting closer to people in the community. People at my church, and some people that I didn’t know, have come up to me because they have seen me on my bicycle. They ask what I’m doing and I’ve told them about the Challenge and the app to plant hope that they can change, too. We share ideas and laugh together. Now, my blood pressure, cholesterol, and white blood cells are normal. This has been a complete transformation of my life. My clothes look better and I feel so much better. My health has made me a better man and a better husband to my wife. I’m happy to have this life.

—Sunday Ajibade, Walmart Customer; Houston TX; $2K Winner

Through the Thrive ZP Challenge, our community is making Better Choices, seeing big results, and winning big.

Stories from past winners, such as Sunday Ajibade, prove that every individual has the power to transform their life every day through a combination of small, sustainable changes and peer-to-peer inspiration.