Don’t lose a good thang, honey; my love is filled with, honey

Don’t miss a good thang, honey; just wanna heal you with spiritual honey

Wanna love you so much, into a loving caress; give me your love and I’ll share my, tenderness

Loving you is my joy, the sweetest of my joy; gotta’ keep it right and bring my love, so right

For love is of a Divine song, in your heart is where I belong; love me Dearly, sugar, for you are my delight

Just want to dream of you, until you are mine, one night

One day. One night. An afternoon. A sweet, holy night

Love me Dearly, and hold me true, one day and forever, I want to be with, you

One day. Many nights. Forever true. Just hear, distant love. I want to be, with you

Minnie Riperton