Hope is one of the human virtues, which is hard to kill. It will continue to live on. Furthermore, it has a way of navigating through the most turbulent of times. Hope will always blossom and bloom-even in the most trying (and painful) circumstances. Her/history has proven such to be, true!

One of the most fascinating powers of imagery correlates to moving through the imagination of it all. If a person wants something (or someone) to be there, it can truly, happen. If a person yearns for love’s devotion, kindly note that it will continue to happen. If a person yearns for a hopeful devotion, just know that it will happen. However one chooses to move, just know that it will happen. It simply depends on the manner of faith and strength, which comes with it. Persistency and perseverance are also part of the deal. Whatever one envisions, it can be captured.

There are different layers, styles, and methods, of the visual arts when it comes to moving through the tranquilities of love’s nurture. There are specific layers of manifesting one’s loving desire in order to see it, through. Photography has that particular way about it. If we desire to capture a specific element of hope, love, faith, and other virtues, all we have to do is present it through the photograph. That’s all we have to do.

Have you ever experienced the very majesty of hope? What is it like? How does it lead to a greater performance (and experience) in our life’s journey? And, if you could capture an example of hope, through a photograph, what would it look like? Does it have a different image, when it it being manifested through another country? Let’s go deeper. Does hope present a different image based on the nation (and country), that it is birthed from?

For now, we are in Grecian waters. Therefore, let’s permit ourselves a brief eloquence into this sunny side of, hope.