This is a letter of enormous gratitude written especially for the Frontline Health- workers protecting the lives of millions of people in Great Britain, Ireland, Europe, The USA and the World at large, as we collectively battle one of the gravest global enemies in peacetime; the insidious pandemic known as Covid19, also referred to as the Corona Virus. What words can adequately acknowledge the massive sacrifice and dedication you bring to your work, in the most challenging circumstances imaginable! Who amongst us, can genuinely appreciate the personal cost you  pay to hold true to your professional commitment, as you are simultaneously forced to juggle the increased potential risks facing your own loved ones, through your selfless actions? We want to let you know that the World is with you, seeing you with a renewed clarity of purpose and gratitude as never before.

You Are Re-Writing The Societal Story of Human Values.

What you are dealing with in the most acute hospital settings is literally life changing. Many of you, forced by your dedication and commitment to vocational service in the line of fire, find yourselves suddenly transplanted into settings beyond what is usually familiar, having to face dramatic personal and professional adjustments without ceremony. We applaud the hundreds of thousands of volunteers who have returned to active service from the comforts of your retirement, as all hands on deck, requires all of you to make sacrifices and adapt under enormous pressure to the most urgent need, critical to the survival of countless lives. We, the people of the world owe a debt of gratitude to all those amongst you who selflessly changed your retirement plans, to play your own critically unique role in this massive undertaking. Debts like this cannot ever be re-paid. You carry the hopes, dreams, and futures of countless millions of people in your hands. Your sacrifice, your devotion, your willingness to serve the needs of the people is awe-inspiring, as truly, there is no higher calling.

Service to Humanity is Service to God.

We know that it is terrifying! We know that you are scared for your own lives and the lives of your loved ones and we know what it takes to put your personal fears aside for the greater good. We know that there are ultimately no guarantees that you will be sufficiently protected, despite the most valiant efforts to ensure your safety, and that the danger is palpably real and personal for you. The threat of unwittingly causing harm to anyone else is anathema to you and utterly impossible to negotiate, as everything you champion is life-giving, life-supporting and life-enhancing. It might well be challenging when public perception likens you to Heroes, as when doing your work, you are so often deeply immersed in the less than glamorous reality of human suffering. The gap between the ideological vision and the everyday realities keeps your feet planted solidly on terra- firma, where glorious accolades might land on deaf ears, muted by the sounds of relentlessly insistent professional demands.

But Super-Heroes Is What You Are!

It may have become normal to feel overstressed, over -worked, under-appreciated and aggrieved, yet if we look around us in our contemporary reality, it appears blatantly obvious that your worth until now has clearly not been  properly valued, for the miraculous contribution it truly is. We support you in the knowledge that this must change. There is no greater calling than to ease suffering, to support life and to sustain hope where otherwise, hope would be hopeless and suffering insufferable.

Igniting A Global Spirit of Gratitude

So, we invite you to listen to the grateful ovations of millions of people who quietly cheer you on day after day in this  extra-ordinary global lockdown, just as we do in our passionately heartfelt applause on the doorsteps of so many nations. Somehow, we know that you are playing a critical role in a global awakening far beyond purely individual contribution. You are collectively igniting a  profound spirit of gratitude the world over for the incomparable work you do, for the spirit of selfless loving service, a heartfelt gratitude which is so richly deserved. We entrust our loved ones into your care, knowing that you are loving them for us; that you tenderly hold their hands and soothe their fears, so that they feel safe, cherished, protected and beloved, whatever the outcome. Through your actions ,we stand by you, uniting together as one human family with a common goal of supporting all those who are suffering and afraid.

Allow the heartfelt cheers of the people of all nations to spur you on now, so that it might renew your strength, to inspire your best efforts to conquer this invisible enemy within. It is a righteous acknowledgment for the precious souls amongst your numbers, who have already heroically given their lives, to win this epic battle. No words can describe the enormity of your personal and collective contribution. We Thank You Forever. Please take great care and stay safe!

Wishing you Divine Courage, Inspiration and Grace,                For all that has been and for all that is yet to come.

With Heartfelt Love from The People of The World