When it comes to manifesting our desires, the “standard” practice is to shift from wanting to having.  For example…

If you want to manifest your desire, believe that it’s already here and done.  Wanting your desire comes from scarcity. But having comes from abundance. Already “having” your desire from an energetic perspective (whether it’s physically manifested or not) brings you into the energy of abundance.

It’s what I often teach as the basics for manifestation. Yet, there’s a vital piece of the puzzle that we’re missing when we try to manifest solely by shifting from wanting to having.

The Power of Desire

How does manifestation begin?  With desire.  

We all desire something.  Desire is the catalyst of the manifestation process.  Therefore, it’s a core part of the experience. And arguably, the most overlooked.

When we’re so quick shift from wanting to having, we don’t take the time and intentionality to explore…what does it mean to desire?  What magic does the very act of desire hold (if any)?

From a manifestation standpoint, the real “problem” with desire, isn’t the actual wanting of the thing that you don’t have.  It’s the shame that we associate with not having what we want.

Desire Without Shame is the Secret to Manifestation

Take a moment to think about the thing that’s most on your desire right now.  Maybe is a new client, a promotion or a raise, legendary love, or an extra $1,000 in the bank.

When you think about what you desire in your life, do you also shame yourself for not having it?

Does the belief under the desire say that you’ll be worthy once you have it?  And until that happens, you’re less than and not good enough?

That underlying shame is what kills the energy of abundance.  But it’s not the desiring of the thing itself.

The shame is what comes from scarcity.  

Whereas desire itself is actually the secret to receiving it.  Because the magic happens when you’re able to enter that realm of possibility to dream and play for the sake of the joy the desire brings you.

How incredible is it to be rich?  How joyous is it to have a partner who you love deeply and soulfully loves you back?  How fun and wonderful is it to work with clients you love and adore?

When you’re in this tapped in, turned on state of desire (true shameless desire), you’re also aligning yourself with the belief that the desire is available to you and (most importantly) that you’re worthy of receiving it.

Remembering Your Worthiness Removes All Resistance

The act of wanting what you desire isn’t the reason that you haven’t manifested your desires yet.  In fact, your soul desires can be the compass for your life and guide you to your true callings.

What’s put up the walls between you and what you desire is the belief that you aren’t worthy of receiving it.

It’s a lie (arguably the biggest of them all) that we’ve somehow bought into: the lie that we aren’t worthy.

But the truth is that you are so deeply worthy of all the you desire in this life.  Your worthiness is your birthright.

Nothing happening on the outside gets to change that universal truth.  It’s remembering that your worthiness lies within the breath in your lungs and your very beating heart that you open the floodgates to abundance. You access the portal to your most free, spacious, and expansive life.

How do you attract all that you desire in this life?  

Love yourself.  
Love yourself like you’re the most important person in your life.  
Love yourself like it’s your life’s work.

Because when you truly, deeply, soulfully believe that you are worthy of all that you desire, you’ll have no resistance to receiving anything you set your heart to.

Self love is the most forgotten secret to the sacred art of desire and manifestation.  And it makes living your life as you a heck of a lot more fun.

The secret ingredients to supercharge your manifestations? Shameless desire and unshakable self love.