Letting go to get more of what you want may at first sound contradictory. Living a busy life seems synonymous with taking on more. When you want to have anything in your life flow more easily; feel better; and simply show up for you, it may seem to be a quandary of how to make it happen beyond working harder.

Busy schedules compounded by trying to squeeze in even one more thing can leave you feeling stuck as if your wheels are spinning in a deep rut of mud.

Take heart to know when you mindfully navigate letting go of what isn’t working for you, brilliant space becomes available for fresh ideas.  These fresh ideas can be a stepping stone to more ease and better feelings for your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Best and most healthful choices vary for each person, even within families. There are some fundamental guides good for everyone.  Wise choices create a cascade of benefit to support your wellness, energy and satisfaction through the day and night. This cascade of restored and protected vital energy is reflective of how everybody is designed. For instance, a nourishing breakfast, ample hydration or a calming practice reflect in many positive ways for your entire being.

3 Easy Tips to Supercharge your Routines:

1. Be Present. Separate work from everything else. Yes there are times duty calls unexpectedly and you have to stay late at the office or leave work early to attend to a family matter. As much as possible, be present to wherever you are called be. Studies have shown that multi-tasking is less productive than trying to be ‘in two places at once’ or simultaneously doing many things. 

2. Hone your boundaries. Choose an end time for work and honor it as best you are able to consistently. This will give you the space to be entirely present for your work and personal time when it is their time. You can find your productivity at work soar; and your enjoyment of your personal life and relationships flourish.

3. Pick one thing.  Let go of one thing to make room for something better.  Practice the something better to make it part of your healthful lifestyle. Remember a healthful lifestyle isn’t a crash diet. Planning ahead is a strategy to prevent burn out, not overwhelm you. You might begin with an easy make ahead breakfast or setting up your daily water for adequate hydration or a 10 minute morning meditation. Whatever it is, do it faithfully.  Only when it is second nature add another.  Easy sustainable choices are how you shift to a satisfying flow of energy and purpose.

Truthfully each of us is made from the inside out to have, be and do everything our heart desires.  It’s not your fault when you feel overwhelmed and exhausted unless you persist in making choices that aren’t nourishing you.  Listen to your internal cues.  Realign to what gives you satisfaction.  

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Restore & Protect Your Vital Energy

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