It’s raining again.

It’s been raining almost every day this year, and no, that’s not a metaphor.

There is plenty to be pleased about, however, as I discovered when I went to town (literally) on Monday night to find out more about the concept of Carnival.

According to my good friend Richard Parry, the origins of Carnival are to be found in the Spanish word for ‘meat’ which is carne. Not a very on trend concept in these Days of Veganism, but as we were reminded in the party in The Albion following the Carnival Committee (I may have arrived in good time to have missed the committee part of the evening): we don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to have a good time.

The Joy Of Carnival is all about being in the moment, about celebrating life despite its discomforts and disillusion. Which is how you – like the ladies of Only Menopause Allowed who led us in song before the 60s disco, can be Heroes every day.


As the popular bathroom poster exclaims in a creperie near you (well near us in Penarth anyway) it’s not about waiting for the sunshine, it’s about learning to laugh and dance in the rain.

Easy for me to say – as I’m finishing my working week sat inside a fairly modern and warm house listening to Andy Williams who’s guiding me through my current midlife crises… “Almost There!”

What did make me laugh, though, at the end of a night with the requisite four pints (and no more) imbibed, was the sight of one my fellow revelers hoovering the sea and the comments that inspired. As The World hastens to a both an environmental and pandemical End of Days, I couldn’t be happier.

Well played Chris : such admirable dedication to the absurdity of life can only be applauded.

ENJOY The Weekend.