Forgiving is not easy; but not tough too. It does not mean bending yourself in front of anyone, but I think it is a gesture with which you can calm yourself. At times it feels more painful than the pain we have suffered, but yes forgiveness is the sign of strength and stability.

We have been challenged emotionally many times and have endured pain and especially in these kinds of situations we often feel like disheartened and broken. Each of us has faced this kind of situation but keeping one thing in mind that revenge let you nothing apart from breaking you more. So forgiving is the best option for the first step of strength.

This seems to be very simple advice or I can say a guidance that any person, no matter of religion, looks etc. can get benefit from it. We will not get anything as you all know that anger has always proved to be disastrous nothing else.

Anger is the main reason why one can’t easily forgive someone. There are some of the teachings also which educate give us the concept to deal with the concept of forgiveness. You really need to get this change in you and be as stronger as you can.

Stability is the swankiest part of this forgiveness scene as you get much more confident and energetic once you know how to just calm down the tough situations. One more option which you can add in your life is Godrej Evoke Villas, the house full of positivity and will fill your entire life with happiness and energy.

Firstly you need to be real when you really feel people are doing wrong with you. This can be challenging that forgive them immediately and take a high road that these people are not for you. So what all you can do?

1. It’s high time to think about your future and enlarge it. Just remove all the weights from your shoulders and ankles which are stopping you. The Past is one of the most important factors which can actually help you to grow. Actually past shows you all the truths which reveal a new and the truest form of yours. When you actually gave a new shot to yourself and in this way you forgive yourself and others too.

2. Just keep one thing in mind that if you have forgiven someone this clears that you are very strong and if one can’t forgive then he is weak. It is just the mental game that how you make a firm decision in your mind and order it to do according to your will. In this case be patient with yourself and keep practicing the exercise of forgiveness. One thing is very sorted that no one is perfect and even you can’t heal yourself completely with this thought.

3. You can also get some relief by writing all your grief on a piece of paper. I mean you can pen down the things which have hurt you, you can puke all your frustrations over there and write whatever you feel. But this letter should not be for anyone but just a way where you keep your heart out and can write whatever you want without any restrictions and you will more relax by burning that shit of paper.

4. You can’t move on until you forgive the guilty. Moving on is a part and parcel of daily life which one really need to adapt if they want to be happy. Moving on means that you are not letting your past influence you anymore and you are not getting affected by it then you have moved on. If you are thinking that why this person did like this with you? then yes you are into it. If you let it go anyway then just be happy for yourself.

These points are endless but keep one thing in mind when we overcome suffering; we even get more mature and know the actual meaning of being humble, courageous, stable, strong and loving in the world. This forgiveness nature will help you in the homes and in workplaces as well.

What all you get?

• You gain inner peace and calm

• You free yourself from negative thinking

• You don’t let your thoughts and feelings affect on you

• You don’t let anyone or any circumstance control you

• Open up new doors for yourself

It is a process that takes time but that does not mean that you let enter other negativities in you. Be that much strong that no other thing will affect you.