What are you doing wrong?

Are you seriously aware of the freaking mistakes you make?

Well, if you are! Then also there must be some of the flaws in your content is not responding according to your will.

In this smart world of content marketing, writing is considered as the imperative point.

Every one of us is aware that content is the king.

Your every action has a reaction and that will be affected by your content. (This is what I personally understand later)

We often try to focus on creating unique, high- quality and utterly authentic content, but sometimes our tries get fail too.

After knowing its importance you will get to know that, why some silly mistakes can distract the user from readability.


1. Important for SEO: Duplicacy is the most important part that SEO checks first in the content. High-quality content is what they demand, in which few subject matters including the length, uniqueness and the creativity.

It is very important for them to get their websites on suitable ranking. A high ranking is often considered as brand perfectness.

2. Encourages More Engagement: Look this is very simple, if your content is a duplicate, firstly your SEO will reject it, if not then Google will surely do. Original content in either form definitely encourages more people to look out for the brand. You can enjoy this unique content at Indrealestates.com. 

If it is in good ranking then it is a plus point, because hardly people will go on to second or further pages. To further increase engagement make your content unique.

3. Generating Leads: Your content basically describes your brand and thus has the potential to generate new leads. The increase in leads means an increase in the sale of the product.

Customers will only get attracted if your content is valuable and is genuine.

4. Traffic Increment: SEO does not only look for good quality content but also their main task is to garner traffic. And trust me good original quality content is the best way to increase the traffic and to hold customers on your page only and thereby giving your website a better ranking.

This is why content is considered as king and is kept on the priority list of SEO.

See, if the content holds so much of importance that if it will distract the users from readability then how your website will sustain?


Avoid the major and silly issues, and let your content flow…

Information overload:

Data is the driving source of the content. It has continued to play its utterly important role and will remain important.

Coming straight to the point, let’s avoid revolving around the points. Dude, it’s 2017! Everyone needs a shortcut. It is not the era of big data, the ongoing flow of information can be devastating and distracting.

I know every single minute of your life is important, you can’t spend it or I can say waste it on reading big paragraphs. Huge or repeated data can bore your readers. So give exact information.

No strategy:

The strategy is very significant for any content. Unstructured, poor strategy, less informative content stands back in the race. The Proper strategy is required while writing something.

People often make random content without following any strategy; they just keep on writing without pause. This can wipe out your original content hard work.

Visual or Display issues:

Now take a look at the content as a whole!

We people just spin our wheels on the content only. Creativity slips out from our mind because of which out content fetch less engagement. Try to educate your visitors by increasing the display quality.

Poor Image quality, atrocious fonts, worthless display etc. these all are the reasons of visual display.

Spelling and grammatical mistakes:

A big high- jack over here!

Grammar and Spellings are the bases of any content. People often try to flaunt their English skills by adding some sui generis. But they forget to check their grammatical mistakes they have done and sometimes even the spellings also.

This can be a small and even the biggest mistake in your content.

Overusing keywords:

Overusing can be mishappening also!

A number of keywords and links you involve in your content is important. Over linking can sometimes be harsh for your content and even your content may appear promotional (which a reader hardly wants to read).


Without original and desirable content any media venture can get fail due to lack of

appealing content

Unique data:

Just be unique and shine in your own way….

Whatever you write, you write with the thought of targeting huge amount of audience. This can be only achieved with the principle of unique content that allows your readers to fetch valuable information.

Try to add something new and make your each content unique + informative.

Transitional words and phrases:

Transitional words and phrases are in trend these days. Use of transitional phrases and words is a must. Your content will look more stylish and authentic.

If you start the content with these words they will give an essence of certain flow in it.

Replace long paragraphs with short paragraphs:

Now writers really need a minor pace of change i.e. they need to replace long paragraphs with the shorter one. You really need to put a break to these long paragraphs. In fact, cut them into the half.

Yeah, the best idea is to try completing your paragraph in 2-3 lines so that the reader does not get scared after looking at the long paragraphs that how they will complete reading it.

Explain one idea at one time:

One thing you need to keep in mind that what exactly you want to say.

This thing has to be done as what you write your content should clear what info you are actually delivering to your readers. So try to emphasize each stanza uniquely by putting one idea at a time. 

Don’t insert numerous ideas in the same content that make your content complicated. Some amazing concepts and updated info with universal knowledge. 

Use relevant visuals:

Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself

Your content will get a boost with apt visuals. Not only the content must be original but also the images inserted in must be accordant to content. Don’t ignore the importance of the display of your content that can be enhanced by adding images and some other basics.

Just keep one thing in mind that the World is looking something beyond your blog; I mean you really need to be creative now. Add worth and relevant Images, Infographics, and Videos through which they can evaluate more info with some creativity.


Be the exception! Try the exception!

Content readability does not only affect your Google ranking but also influence your search ranking. I guess you are now rolled in with your tools which will help you in escaping from common mistakes that destroy the readability.

Follow the above – mentioned fundamentals and try to evolve a new generation of content. Use these kick-ass methods to avoid reader’s distractions from your content.