I’ve come to realize that there are times, occasionally more than I’d like, when life  feels like a series of less than fortunate events. Add in my everyday stresses, tendency to worry and a little subconscious embellishment and the smallest of set backs become much more complicated. This unknowingly complicating of situations has led me to believe that, from time to time, the root of my complications, maybe not so surprisingly, is me and the way I choose to react when things start to fall apart-literally and figuratively. 

So why is it that we’re so attracted to the feelings of complication? Is it that everything from relationships to jobs to personal achievements aren’t really worth it if they aren’t complicated? We’re so drawn to the sexiness of complication that we can even, willingly, choose to label our relationship status as “it’s complicated”. I fully understand that certain dynamics can create a grey area, but when we repeatedly claim it is what it is, in most cases, we’re refusing to acknowledge some truth.    

Of  course, I see the thrill in working through complexities and being persistent at the amazing things that are worth fighting for, but at what point do we raise the white flag and surrender? In any compound, crazy and constantly changing environment we choose, there’s one trend that’s never really gone out of style. Simplicity

When conflicted with doubt, stress or confusion there’s really one question you should be asking yourself: what is fundamental to keeping me on a progressive path? Scale it down to the basics and put your thoughts and energy only towards what’s necessary. And though the necessities aren’t always easy in action, the foundation to living a true and honest life, in reality, is quite simple. 

Have a question? Ask.
Feel out of shape? Walk.
Miss someone? Reach out.
Tired? Go to bed earlier.
Have a bad day? Smile.
Need to say something? Speak up.
Stressed? Pause and breathe.
Doubtful? Find faith.

Surrendering to simplicity frees us from the veil of duplicity we’ve been hiding behind. It takes the chaos out of hiding behind who and what we feel we’re suppose to be and gives us the clarity to be who and what we’re meant to.