A long, deep sigh- Hmmmmmm, the dropping of the shoulders, the unfrowning of the eyes, the unclenching of the fists, the throwing up of the arms in the air, the innocent presence in the here and now, a sense of oneness with the self, and child-like trust in the universe  – These sounds of relief and the feelings of liberation is surrender

Surrender to your true self

“When I am ….. completely myself, entirely alone… or during the night when I cannot sleep, it is on such occasions that my ideas flow best and most abundantly. Whence and how these ideas come I know not nor can I force them.” 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

As Mozart surrendered to his music and flowed with the rhythm of life that was meant for him, he was in essence, a clear conduit of all the energies that were meant to flow through him. Without resistance, he received all the notes that the universe wanted him to receive, and he played the music to give form to the notes that came to him and frankly were meant for him.

This melodious alignment happens when you raise the awareness of your physical self, i.e. your mind and body to the level of the all-pervasive higher consciousness – the source. This does not mean that you understand that which the higher consciousness is expecting of you, but you know in the heart of your heart, that this is correct. And hence, you surrender to it.

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But what if you are unable to surrender in spite of knowing that ‘this feels right’? You must then walk on the path of the highest resistance, till your physical self is made aware by all the challenges that it will encounter, of its flawed belief that it can create a path of its own, whereas in reality, its purpose is but to execute that which it is meant to execute. The humility and the humbleness that will follow the encounters with the challenges on the path of highest resistance will then give way to breaking the ego, which was, in the first place, the biggest hurdle to accepting and following the path of your true self – the source

But say your ego is not a problem. It is the lack of awareness of what the universe has in store for you that is keeping you on the path of highest resistance, how can you then come into alignment when you have the will but not the how? This happens because we often surrender in a conditional manner. We expect to receive the complete picture – the action plan and the destination- all the steps clearly laid out for us when we surrender to the universe. This expectation can often leave us feeling disappointed because the universe is asking us to surrender our plan and vision and not surrender our ownership and participation in life. When you are ready to receive the universe’s guidance, openly, whole-heartedly, willingly and soulfully, it will present you with opportunities to choose again. It will give you the opportunity to go within and connect with the divine to:

  • RECOGNISE what is best for you, i.e. which choice is in line with your highest good 
  • ACT on the choice with discipline 
  • Be COMMITTED to the choice with faith, trust and optimism
Go within to know your path

Aligning with your true self is different for different people – for some it may be about being a lightworker, for others it may be to become the CEO of a tech company. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that if you are not surrendered to your true self, you will experience discomfort. 

Now, let’s not get carried away. It is not that the path of your true self is like gliding along the waves in a calm sea. When you surrender and go with the flow of the universe and your true self, you fully embrace all the experiences that you encounter along this path. There will be unruly waves and there will be dark storms, even on this soulful path. But you see, since you are already on the path of your true self, all the crashes and the high tides and the storms that you encounter were always meant to be. Only in this case, these challenges will be met with faith and trust in the divine plane thus, bringing you further into alignment. This will give you the motivation and the desire to continue. All you must now do is surrender to the sea that you were always meant to swim in. 

And finally, what if your judgement is clouded? What if you believe that you are walking your divine path but you are actually merely a puppet, playing out to the directions of the ego self? Yes, the ego self is a sneaky one. But the beauty of the path is that the challenges that you will face on your ego-driven path will ultimately direct you to your source-driven path. What this means is that you are exactly where you are meant to be in the here and now – just surrender to it with the highest love, trust and devotion, irrespective of whether you are experiencing the pleasant part or the unpleasant part of your journey. 

And, when you believe that you have fully surrendered, surrender some more!

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