By Jane Burnett 

Research has found that if you get less than eight hours of sleep at night, you won’t have a good day. That’s why it’s not surprising that some people feel more tired than others at work. In fact, new data from staffing firm Accountemps shows that Nashville is the American city with the biggest percentages of tired employees.

In terms of how the research was carried out, an independent research firm polled more than 2,800 American, adult office workers “in 28 major U.S. cities.” Accountemps came up with the survey itself.

The 15 American cities where employees are the most tired

Is your city on this list?

1) Nashville

2) Austin (tie)

2) Denver (tie)

2) Indianapolis (tie)

5) Des Moines (tie)

5) Phoenix (tie)

5) Raleigh (tie)

8) Boston (tie)

8) Detroit (tie)

8) Dallas (tie)

8) San Francisco (tie)

12) Cincinnati (tie)

12) Miami (tie)

14) St. Louis (tie)

14) New York (tie)

So many cities tied with each other, but you get the point: exhaustion at work clearly doesn’t discriminate.

Michael Steinitz, executive director of Accountemps, commented on the research in a statement:

“Though often overlooked, sleep is a critical component of producing good work. Errors and ineffectiveness can occur when team members are running on empty…Consider the underlying causes of why employees are sleepy. If it’s because they’re stretched too thin, retention issues could soon follow,” he said.

Furthermore, 31% of employees said they work while feeling tired “very often,” and 43% say they do this “somewhat often” and 24% say that this happens “not very often.” A lucky two percent say they never work in this state.

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